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    But after having a little incident with someone close to my age that I have known for a good portion of my life, I got to see how she acted and responded to her mistakes. In 2 hours of being around this person, she blamed everyone she knew at least twice for everything that happened in her life. I have also seen how the U.S. has grown p*ssified from those who we elect.

    Gentlemen of this forum, I can honestly say that I am scared for our country and the future. I have always tried to look to those older than me to learn from their life experience and gain what knowledge I can from them. I haven't been a member of this forum for very long, but I have learn quite a bit from reading the posts you all make. Thank you all for that.

    My son will be born in the next few weeks, and I am hoping that I can have a positive impact and show him how important it is to take responsibility for his actions. To teach him that the easy way isn't always best and to listen and learn from those who have been there before him. I know that I can't be alone and there must be at least one person out there that feels the same way I do.

    I do not claim to be the most righteous person, the hardest worker, or anything of that nature. But i will not run from my responsibilities!

    Are we really headed for Hell in a hand basket?
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    Cameron- first, congrats on the new one. Only thing more fun is grandkids. Also has a VERY strong tendency to cause you to straighten up/ tighten up when you realize this little mini-me is looking at you.

    Title? How about "Whine and Cheese Society" ? (I would have thought of a better title, but it's because it was so far to go to school, and the hours the classes were offered were just impossible, and anyway, the professor did not like me very much.)

    Hell in a handbasket? Yep- there will ALWAYS be some folks just determined to make that trip. However, not everyone is headed for the same destination. As long as there are folks that dig in their heels, and stubbornly demand their God given rights- there is hope.

    My hobby as an official Olde Phart has been aiding in the education of offspring of my offspring. One of whom is on his second tour in Afghanistan, and doing well, thanx. But I can introduce you to a 13 yr old that can discuss the causes of the Civil War and back up his statements- or another 13 yr old that can discuss rifles- and give you a run for the money if you will meet her at the 100 yd line. But don't bet with her- she has been hustling grownups and I am trying to discourage that.

    Now go buy your kid-to-be a gun. Post some pics when the time comes. We will all tell you what a beautiful child you have, even tho all newborn babies look like 80 yr old gnomes. :rolleyes: And best wishes to you and Mom.

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    Have hope, stand up for and do right and never give up. Things are tough, things are scary and we could very well be in the fight of our lives right now.
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    My boy just turned 9 months old. Aside from teaching him how to combat the machines, it's important to just talk to him about things. He won't know a word that you are saying, but he will come to love listening to you talk. One day he WILL hear. One day he will understand all that you are telling him. Prepare for the worst, but pray for the best.

    It's not going to get better. In over 200 years when have politics made things BETTER?
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    Keep the term "self-determination" in the front of your mind. YOU determine who you're going to be, YOU determine how you live your life, and YOU determine what your children learn and how they are raised.
    It's not always the handiest and easiest route to take, but the rewards will always outweigh the losses, and those rewards are always going to be YOURS. Any control over your life that you give up will not only be lost forever, but will eventually be used against you by the very people you thought meant you well.
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    Give me some time to think, I'm there is something.

    I can already see changes in how I have been acting and do things. So I guess I am still preparing for the little one. Can't wait for him to get here.
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    Dads have the most valuable lessons to pass on to kids, start early from the get go with confidence! If you're nervous then fake-it-til-you-make-it! Babies are easy creatures, the eat, sleep, poo, and play. And don't think you have to wait until they are "bigger" to do stuff with them, share all that you love from early on:D
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    I don't know how old you are but I'm will to bet you are around my age, 27. I can honestly say people with your view(and mine) are few and far between in our generation. My generation honestly makes me sick at their laziness and lack of responsibilty.
    I don't have kids so I can't speak on that front but it's good to hear a new father speak out about taking care of his kids and being involved in their lives. Our society has taken manliness out of men and I refuse to be femanized.
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    I'm 26, and I can't tell you how many times I have been out and seen someone that has made me think about how embarrassing our generation is. I do think it is wrong to feminize a man for trying to take care of things a man should take care of.

    Spittinfire, I take it by the fact you have a Marines pic for your avatar that you did serve. That is something that I do wish that I had done. From the time I was in the 6th grade till I was about 22, I wanted to serve in the Marines. I never even went to talk to a recruiter, because of a Marine that told me some of the stories and I didn't think that I was prepared mentally. Looking back I think that I might have been. But to all those who have served or are currently serving, what ever branch of the U.S. military it may be, I just want to say thank you for the sacrifice you have made.
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    Becoming a new father is almost as overwhelming as actually being one. By reading your thoughts, I have no doubt that you will be fine. Children are a blessing and a lifetime of worry.