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    I've been living a secret for some seven years now . Back when I had my first MRI back in November 10 th , 2011 , it showed a scary picture . I had totally crushed my neck . I had surgery and miraculously recovered better than any possible expectations ! :)

    In that same MRI , they found a mass on my pea brain . At the time , they wanted to , "explore" it . Me , no way , let me heal , see what I've got left and then maybe .

    I'd been living with head aches every day since , some days better than others but finally , about two years ago , I let them drill their little hole and "explore" ...! The biopsy didn't turn out well . I was told my days were numbered so any chance was better than no chance . Chemo ...! I didn't take well to that , my body was failing me fast so I quit the treatment !
    I need to be on my feet , functional , got a wife to take care of so took all summer to get functional but I got up again .

    I had been , well , fine considering and as functional physically as possible .

    Lymes disease ! I started having the head aches again , really bad this time so time to research , why now ? Turns out there are many different symptoms and side effects of Lymes , one being inflammation neurologically ! It hit me in a bad place at the worst time , getting ready for winter . I never did totally get my wood bin filled but I did get more than enough to keep the wife warm ! :) I'd hit the floor again . I'd spent a week in the hospital a few weeks ago , another MRI and the talk of relieving pressure from my skull !

    Something very strange happened that week , IV drip , the swelling had quit , BP back to normal , stability returning , Yo ...! ...? That tumor lie dormate , no bigger , no smaller ......ok , I'm back ....? Just now , I was out re-roofing my fire wood bin , repaired my riding mower , seems on my my forth life ?

    I have no clue why , doctors are again speechless , the surgery was canceled , head aches manageable , WTH ....? Something much greater than I is keeping me up right ! I have made many life style changes and given myself every chance to over come this insanity but something far greater than me , doctors , whatever , I feel fine .....this is a celebration ! I almost feel guilty at times given so many chances .

    I've no idea of my future , why , what but what I'd learned is that love is the most valueable prevelage in life . Live every minute like it's the last cause none of us know when that is .....!

    So then , what can I do worthy of all these chances next ?
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    Docs aren't the final say on such things.

    I believe there is a purpose for everything though we may not recognize it at the time even while we are fulfilling it.

    Your in my and my wife's prayers Dango.
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    Exactly that.
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    No they are not. I was in the medical field for 35 years and there is a reason that we still call it the medical practice or the practice of medicine. We know more today than we did yesterday and a little more than we did last month and a little more than last year but it is just a drop in an olympic size swimming pool. There are things that we will never be able to explain in our lifetime.
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    as said, just be Dango.

    Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words.
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    I've no idea of my future

    Dango, here is a secret- (Shhhh! Keep it to yourself!)

    NOBODY has a TRUE idea of their future. They may THINK they do. But the closest to having a TRUE idea of their future are a few people that are sitting on the wrong side of the bars of death row, who have exhausted all appeals.

    The most profound advice I have heard is: It is what it is. You take each day as it comes, and give thanks for that day. Old military axiom- improvise, adapt, overcome. Meanwhile, enjoy the color of the leaves, the smell of woodsmoke on a cool evening, the taste of biscuits in the morning.

    Speaking of which, I'm gonna go get me a biscuit with some country ham. Want one?
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    Well dango, my wife says everything happens for a reason, I am dubious but as I get older it seems she may be on to something. You know yourself and your abilities better than any doctor, they can be a great blessing and at times a hindrance. Be true to yourself and live as you see fit. As they say, one day at a time, and as John Wayne said, " Come see a fat old man sometime", if I remember correctly, take care old coon.
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    After years of campaigning, we finally got Likes in the FTF App. Our next mission is to get Multi-Likes! This one will be the poster child for that mission.

    I can see this is going to be a long mission, so I need to keep up my strength. Better make that two of those biscuits!!!
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    When Moses was speaking with God on Mt. Saini, he asked to see God's face.
    God told him that no one could see his face, but he would allow him to see his back.
    To me, the meaning of that is that while no one knows where God is GOING (seeing his face), we can see where He as BEEN (seeing his back)
    Dango, it is pretty darned clear that God has touched you, not once but several times.

    Thank you, Father, for blessing Dango - and blessing all of us with Dango.
    I ask that you continue with both -
    In Jesus Name -

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    God has a specific job for each of us. It is our lot in life to find out what that job is, and to accomplish it as best we can. If we happen to not find it or fail at our job, He will forgive us and get someone else to complete the job. His will Will be done.
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  12. Danoobie

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    Congratulations Dango!
    So you found out the hard way doctors are full of
    shaaaav-v-v-ving creeeaaaamm!

    What to do now? Hmmm, oh I know.

    Pull my finger...;-)
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  13. dango

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  14. dango

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    All in all , I've taken everything in stride . They suggest I can't , I go find out . I'm doing well and have kept my attitude very high but my poor wife , she's counting lint ...! :confused: She is still half sane through all this and still hope , listen to me , not them !

    Thanks , attitude , anger and anything that works .
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    After all this time , there is a reason I pass this personal side of me on . I've seen too many people broken by such things , to just lay down , quit and wait . Someone very close to me just did that , OD,d on opiates , just couldn't take it any more .

    I'd spoke with him many times , just cause doctors say this and that , they are only flawed human beings , just like me , just like you , just like all of us .! I'd pizzed him off more than once , trying to kick in the fight mode but ........damn you Billy ....RIP ....

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  16. JTJ

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    Maybe you are a werecat.:rolleyes:
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  17. MisterMills

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    Hope for the best and pray that you are healed, I can assure you that modern medicine does not have much to offer you.
    {If I sound bitter, it is because I am in a lot of pain, and modern medicine seems to deny that. And, my BP has crept up over this last year, and they don't know why either.}
  18. dango

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    I totally understand MisterMills ! My problem started in 2008 , hitting the floor , blackouts , that's when I lost my little finger while working , blackout over a run commercial table saw !

    Three different hospitals , five different doctors , one lecture about my drug and alcohol problem , said it was DTs ...LOL ..!

    Fact: I don't drink , I don't do drugs , I work my butt off running my own business ! This was all in Florida . Enough ....! MAD NOW !

    We owned a house in Pa so I closed my business and three more hospitals , still no help ! I hit the floor and didn't get up this time , ER , one doctor saw something nobody else saw , he saved my life finally in 2011 .......! I found that pain will raise BP , keep trying other doctors and I pray you get the right one like I did . I'd lost count of how many doctors I'd seen but I finally found the one !
  19. JTJ

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    It takes that one doctor that will listen and not jump to conclusions. Older doctors are the worst as they are jaded from all they have seen. Trouble is the really good ones are scarce. I wonder about a teaching hospital where new doctors are trained. I f you can get to them before they are taught not to listen to the patient you might find a good one.
  20. dango

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    You nail it ! It was an old Doctor whom I first saw being new to this area . We'd asked around , a referral . We went and I had told this doctor "DO NOT MESS WITH MY NECK" ...! He looked at me and said "nothing wrong with your neck" got to twisting it and crap , I went down , the floor again !
    Dumped him immediately and found a younger Doctor .

    It was the guy at the hospital when I hit the floor for good that notice something way wrong . He'd called the old Doctor that tweeted my neck , I could hear them arguing over the phone ! In patient that night , MRI next morning , flown to Pittsburg next morning and the rest , history !

    You really have to be selective and lucky ....!

    One more thing , I did get to see that old Doctor one more time though ! I was I think ICU , recovery after surgery and all three doctors payed me a visit ! That old fart could not even look me in the eye , so wrong he could have crippled me and he knew it ! Almost a panic look !
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