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  1. harryy

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    Just read your mail asking about my whereabouts. Thanks for caring. I am doing fine although I pretty much leave my guns alone in my save and do not deal with topics concerning firearms presently. But of course I did not lose interest in our hobby/sport.

    I hope this is a proper place to say this because I found no other.

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    We welcome your participation. :)

    There are some areas of the forum for off-topic discussions about politics, humor, and such.
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  3. winds-of-change

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    Anything in particular that caused you to not deal with the topic of firearms anymore?
  4. bluez

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    Maybe because he lives in Austria?
    But I agree it is a bit cryptic
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  5. harryy

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    Hi, bluez.
    Living in Austria makes owning and using firearms quite comfortable, because the law is quite liberal. Any person can buy and own two short handguns (pistols) after passing a test (concerning specific knowledge and mental health – actual no big deal!) though carrying outside your home is not allowed.
    You can also buy and own up to 19 rifles (manual). Semi-automatic see short handguns.
    Non-magazine shotguns are totally free.
    Germany in comparison, where I lived before I came to Austria is absolutely hysterical about firearms.
    By the way I own a S&W Highway Patrolman, a replica of a Colt SA cal. .44 Mag. and a double-barrel O/U shotgun.

    By the way:
    I am thinking about the issue whether there were/are persons who really could/can draw and shoot the way it is claimed in many movies about the west.
    As far as I am informed none of the gunslingers we know from history were of that kind.
    It would take a special gun and holster design and the ability to perform what physiologists call a ›multiple reflex action‹.
    Properly applied these facts lead to a single moving action of the hand, that is, the gun is seized, pulled from the holster, cocked and instantly fired without any further correction of its position (could burn the belt or whatever fabric is near the muzzle!).
    Whoever could do this would actually be unbeatable, and Marty Robbins‘ line of verse … had never cleared leather …described a realistic situation.

    Is there such a discussion somewhere on the forum?

    Have a nice day

  6. yazul42

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    You could check out some of the feats of shooters like Bob Munden and Thell Reed, those gentlemen are extremely proficient with SA revolvers,, and about any other handgun as well. Some of their gear is very specialized but they also use standard equipment as well, impressive to say the least.
  7. primer1

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    If you have never viewed jerry miculek, do so now. Although he shoots a double action, he shoots twelve shots from a six shooter in under three seconds. :)
  8. Jagermeister

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    Hey neighbor. I am an American firearms owner/hunter in Germany. I own pistols, shotgun, a bolt action and AR. I have been lucky in my experience with the German government. I hate their self defense laws though. Crime is starting to get bad. My inlaws, who live right next to me, had a home invasion.
  9. notdku

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    Is it duty to retreat? What's with the laws when it comes to home invasion you don't like?
  10. Jagermeister

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    You have to use equal force. For example, fist for fist, knife for knife. I "cheat" with pepper spray and now wasp spray. Not aware of any laws in regards to duty to retreat. There is mention of immediate peril of life. I have been in a fight with two burglars attempting entry into my wife's spa. I pepper sprayed them, before giving them a lesson in combatives. One had a metal bar. They lost with memories of their stupidity. When I have to shoot someone, I have to verbally warn them, then give a warning shot, before shooting them. I have to prove my life and/or others were in immediate peril. I can also shoot someone after a verbal and warning shot when attempting to steal my firearms (home and hunting). I must protect my rifle at all times. This is one reason we have sidearms while hunting. I must have an approved safe with an inside safe/lock box to keep ammo separate. After my in laws home invasion on our property, I bought a pistol safe for the bedroom. I can get to my pistol and loaded magazine in seconds. The safe has a ammo compartment inside. I bought critical defense for my 9mm and .40. I can get to my large longarms safe downstairs, which has my AR or Mossy 590. If I need the big guns, then this is no home invasion. I am thinking terrorism or kidnapping. You see, gun ownership is not easy over here. Gun crimes are very rare. An intruder will likely not have a gun, but knives and blunt weapons are a strong possibility. I will take a pistol, chemical spray and knife with me if I hear a bump or alarm go off. The cops took an hour to respond to the home invasion. They were shocked to find out it occurred. We have houses and apartments on our property. My doors were the only ones not tampered with. That is right, the only house on the property that could fight off a home invasion was ignored. I must have been observed with my firearms to and from the range/hunt. The police called and believe there is one BG druggie who was looking for cash. This was not the first time in the town. My in laws and brother in law stayed upstairs during the break in and never saw the BG. They were too shocked to act. My concern is that druggies are unpredictable mentally and physically. I am going to have to be very aggressive if he returns to the property. Oh well, I have all this training, might as well use it. Feel free to ask more questions. German federal and state laws are very confusing and often contracted each other...sound familiar?