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    I cruised by Bud's Gun Store today (I'm lucky enough to live in the same town that they have a brick and mortar store). I was looking to pick up a couple of mags for my XD9 and I noticed a gun sitting on the back counter. Low and behold, it was a Remington Nylon 66. Black stock. I learned to shoot on one of these with my dad's that he bought in the Air Force back in the 60's. I asked to look at it.

    Turns out, someone had just traded it and a few other guns in on others. It was in fantastic condition for as old as it was. I asked how much he wanted for it and we settled on $175. I got it home and started cleaning it up. I've read and was told by my dad long ago never to completely disassemble one of these. I used a little soap and water to clean the stock and some Remington Action Cleaner to clean out the rest of the areas. I also ran a bore snake through the barrel a few times and then cleaned the barrel off a little bit. Other than a few spots of rust on the receiver cover and a couple of scratches here and there, it was in good shape. The stock has a couple of scratches, but is still complete with no cracks or anything!!! Finally, I wiped it down real good with a Hoppes lubricating pad and it looks awesome! I loaded a few cartridges to see if they would feed and they were ejecting out of the breech just fine!

    I guess it's a little silly, but I never thought I'd fine one of these. When my dad passed away, I never found his. My mom was in pretty bad shape and some of our relatives/"friends" took advantage of her when I had to leave to go back to work. This is one of the things that mysteriously disappeared. The only difference is this one has a blued barrel and my dad's had a stainless one. Sadly, I was out in the garage cleaning it up and kept tearing up thinking about all the times my dad and I would go out shooting together.

    I'll bring my camera from work tomorrow and post some pictures after I get back from the range. :D

    Thanks for listening. Had to share this with people who would "get it."
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    Now, that's the good stuff. ;)

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    I had a couple of Remington 66's, they are nice little rifles. I kind wish I still had mine, in a way.

    Glad to hear you found what you were looking for. Have fun with it, it's alot cheaper to shoot, then other rifles these days.