I am not an alarmist but.... about the outbreak

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by bluez, Jan 25, 2020.

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    Sorry Ghost, but you are far out of date on this in a number of states. Try finding a truck stop restaurant or that mini-city of yours operating as you state. They aren't. You won't even be able to get inside to a Wendys or what ever. Fuel they can get, but that is nearly all. Try running across the Midwest on I-80, I-74, etc.

    Truckers are carrying most of their food and other essentials with them now through this corridor. I've been seeing this for weeks now up here.

    COVID-19 is just now beginning to explode in the Midwest of the US. Predictions are it is going to get far worse and hopefully will subside some in 6 weeks. Info my wife's Doctors at the University of Iowa Cancer Center gave us during her appointment there today.

    Her Lung cancer requires infusions every three weeks. Keytruda and starting last week they added two other chemo drugs with it. Her lung tumor started spreading to the brain in January 2015. One major brain surgery and then 9 more brain tumors had to be radiated. Lung tumor was radiated. More came and radiated.. Now considered contained for the moment. But only with regular treatments.

    But, due to the fact this COVID-19, we were informed this virus is more dangerous to her than the cancer. Her treatments are postponed for 6 more weeks. Yes, that is correct. She is told to stay home, go no where at all other than in our 2 acre lot and avoid contact with folks. Same with me and my Emphysema.

    Many here need to stop denying and making fun of this threat. Cause it isn't just older folks getting and dying from it. Look at this link, but check each chart as when it was up dated. Second one down shows current as of today. It has only begun for the country as a whole. That second chart shows where it is spreading from. https://www.politico.com/interactives/2020/coronavirus-testing-by-state-chart-of-new-cases/

    Oh, and the younger folks ignoring the warnings are a huge problem now. As students and others up to late 30's come home from the so called Spring Break, they are spreading it beyond current control. Florida is a good example there locally at the Universities. Let alone 330,000 other breakers the state says come every year. Florida partially realizes that of about 2 days ago and began closing beaches, bars, etc. So has other coastal states including CA. But seems to me they are weeks late, too late, to do much good now. We see it here this week from those people there. Yep, as many of them call it now the Boomer Remover.

    Those here that post jokes about this virus, well, if some thing happens to my wife, I hope the HXXX that the same happens to one of your loved ones.
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    Al, show me with links where the White House officially said just that about the general population as of today. All I have heard or read is that IF, you have ALL the symptoms, you could get tested. You may also want to ask your sources there when did they order test kits? How many? You must realize that many, if not the majority of small hospitals have not even ordered yet.
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    Sorry to hear about your wife.
    Mine is on hospice now.

    I dont drive anymore obviously but there is a large flying J near here. As well as a Loves.
    Both are operating as usual.

    Even if the truck stops try to limit contact the drivers still make contact with multiple people each day.
    Loading docks. Dispatch. Delivery customers etc.

    There simply is no way in this nation to affect the course of this or any virus to any appreciable degree is my point.
    The efforts of state and fed gov amount to passing gas in a hurricane to affect the disease spread. But their actions are quite effectively destroying the nation's economy and wrecking businesses.
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    I remain staggered at how supposed adults still cannot do exponential math, understand R-naught, comprehend overwhelming healthcare, and so forth. These are such incredibly simple concepts and yet to my bewilderment they elude folks. Sometimes I do think we are doomed.
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    Nothing is escaping me.
    My point is escaping you.
    The gov " guidlines" are doing little good to affect virus spread which is obvious, while at the same time wrecking the economy, putting small business out of business , giving away trillions of dollars all for nothing.
    Oldoutlaw stated one couldn't walk into a Wendy's at a truck stop. I did so today.
    You can walk in wait in line and get carryout in every restaurant i know of except mcds and they use drivethru.

    I realize the gov has to put forth a front to look like they know what they are doing to appear in control.
    But their restrictions are causing much harm and little good .
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    Certainly we are. One per customer.

    The only way we are doomed by Wuhan, though, seems to me, is the dreadful (and yes, politicized) overreaction. The virus will not kill off an appreciable fraction of humanity, our mismanagement of it will.
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    [QUOTE="Oldoutlaw] Those here that post jokes about this virus, well, if some thing happens to my wife, I hope the HXXX that the same happens to one of your loved ones.[/QUOTE]

    My wife has an immune disorder, Sarcoidosis, she is high risk.

    But we did not hoard any toilet paper!
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    All fast food places have drive through windows open here. My wife called in a take out order yesterday to a local restaurant, I went inside and paid for our order and grabbed our food.

    My paternal grandmother died from flu in the 1930's, as did my brother in law's grandmother.

    There is a number of people that are going to die from this pandemic. It is the very nature of the global, highly mobile and inter-connected society we have become.

    I believe there were three choices:

    1) carry on as normal and let the disease run its course quickly in weeks
    2) partial shutdown and drag out the spread of the disease for months
    3) total shutdown, no trucks roll, no trains, no one leaves their county or parish, for 6 or
    8 weeks. No one comes in from out of the country, etc.

    If I am not mistaken our POTUS was ridiculed for suggesting blocking travel from China. Plus, if the folks in the big cities could not get food, there would be riots in the streets and neighborhoods burned to the ground.

    So .Gov chose option 2 for us and we will lose X number of humans to disease plus we will have hundreds of thousands of bankrupt small businesses and millions of people unemployed.

    I realize if my wife dies, I will experience a personal tragedy and emotional hardship. But I believe only option 3 could/would have made a significant difference in the odds of my wife catching Covid-19. Fortunately, my wife has worked from home for the past year. But I don't, my plant is still running making animal feed. We have trucks bringing ingredients and packaging from out of state. All of our packaging comes from Asia now. Trucks are still rolling to and from.

    My wife is 56 and I am 58, we are not rich enough to stop working and maintain our lifestyle. So despite the risks, I venture out daily to work, get food or whatever needs to be done. I still have one more gobbler for the taking and a few more weekends to do it.

    The Bible says the Lord knows when I am going to die, I now understand how comforting that knowledge can be.
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    My wife is. She was more concerned about reusable shopping bags having been on the checkout conveyors though. After grocery shopping she wiped down the groceries with a sanitizing wipe, sequestered the bags and then went into floor cleaning mode.

    She may have wiped down our shoes too. I don't know.

    I was required to strip down upon entering the house and my clothes went into the wash.

    I don't resist if it makes her feel better. I work at home but she normally doesn't, so she's feeling a little out of her element.

    Most importantly I do my best to keep her spirits up. A few jokes and her brilliant smile comes out. That smile makes me feel better too.

    Example: After belching it occurred to me to ask "I hear about coughing and sneezing but should I cover a belch?"

    Little things people don't think of.......

    Viruses generally don't live long outside of a host, but this one seems to be more durable. I think that has a lot to do with why it seems to be so contagious. There doesn't seem to be a precaution that's too extreme or too small for a number of people.
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    I am not a expert on what is the right or wrong thing to do, so i have to listen to the experts and doctors. And they are near universally saying that strong measures can help minimize the spreed and deaths. So people can go by what internet experts say or what the real experts say, i know who i will be listening to.

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    I trust Italy's numbers.

    No way do I put any faith in the ChiComs to tell the truth.

    Italy has 60 million people, USA has 5 times plus that.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, Ghost! Having traveling that road I have a pretty good idea where it ends. May God Bless you and your wife in these times.

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    I just read the last 4 pages of this thread and now have 25 different opinions on treatment and prevention. I'll be sure to implement them all if I live long enough.
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    If you are realist you base your decisions on probability, not possibility. It would seem that this nation is populated by 95+% UNREALISTIC people!:(