I am not an alarmist but.... about the outbreak

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by bluez, Jan 25, 2020.

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    I want a picture of a bonobo!
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    It's easy! In Jerusalem things feel better!
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    Bluez and Leadcouncel have turned out to be right about this thing . I think those
    who made references to Alex Jones,' fear-mongering' videos being posted to the forum and panic etc. owe them an apology .

    The current situation...

    is that our bloated bureaucracy failed to have test kits ready and no one knows just which officials are responsible for that .

    The government wasted 2 months of time gained by Trump's travel bans during which supplies could have been obtained . The Democrats were busy with impeachment .

    The Democrats are so unconcerned that they are using the relief bill to try to enact their communist wish list .

    Trump is trying to put the best face on things , probably thinking he will be blamed if he admits that the health care system is not ready or well-supplied .

    Fauci is telling the truth for whatever good that does .

    Some great people are rushing to help :
    Carnival Cruise Lines is lending ships as is the U.S. Navy .
    3M and others are making masks in a hurry .
    National Guard troops are deployed .

    Just how active the bureaucrats from FEMA, PHS Commissioned corps, CDC, FDA, HHS, CDC and ICE are remains to be seen .

    Natural disasters are supposed to be handled primarily by state governments . It is obvious that the states were hoping to get it done free by the federal government .

    The media are still in " impeachment mode " .

    In the days before WWII, stupidity ruled : Warnings of a possible attack on Pearl Harbor were ignored, our military was dismantled and then hurriedly partially built up, German and Japanese capabilities were mis-judged . We went to war with obsolete aircraft , hastilly-trained men , faulty torpedos and a fanciful " Germany first " strategy .

    Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it . Those who study history are doomed to watch helplessly as others repeat it .
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    And still no bonobo...
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    Looks like we're a little grouchy lately. Whom do I pick on this time?

    The girl of course!

    Must have been? That assumes that you aren't now. Consider....

    You moderate a gun forum.....

    Seriously though you probably took at least a little time to learn the right way to fell a tree. After all, you have at least one finger left for typing (and cheating on your spelling errors - cheater).

    I sure did. Chain saws scare the crap out of me, not for a lack of using them. I even own one.

    Again regarding sanity, do you seriously want to wade into that pool? They gonna argue about it anyway.

    I stick to discussion with folks who show a predilection for reasonable discussion. Bluez may be a little paranoid, or maybe he's correct, but at least he's a gentleman about it.

    Here's what I know about it. Nothing.

    I have opinions.
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    Other than obviously getting life back to normal (whatever that is), I'm just ready to turn on the nightly propa... --cough hack-- news and see something reported on besides the virus. Something like Andrew Gilliums little meth fueled episode with a male prostitute.
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    Watch "Parking Wars" for a couple of hours to get a perspective of how we, as a country, are really screwed! :eek:

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    I got behind her in the checkout aisle this morning.

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    Huh? I thought it was "Idiot jihadist took free beer."
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    Overall, perhaps the clearest post in here. My only two objections would be:

    Trump will be blamed by this biased press, will he, won't he. They have spent the majority of their time since Decision 2016 blaming and maligning him at every turn.

    Fauci blew his 15 minutes. I get the feeling he thinks he will be the medical 21st century answer to Wolsey.

    Does anyone KNOW any followup of the Azithromycin/hydroxychloroquine trials up in Washington state?

    And I am wondering... are HIV/AIDS patients undergoing treatment showing themselves to be resistant to Wuhan? If the protease inhibitors they are taking cast a wide enough targeting net, they just might hit Wuhan as well.
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    1. Maybe maybe not. But the gov is pushing the tolerable level of nannism to the breaking point.

    The rest is pretty much spot on. For one reason.

    There are industries that require nation wide travel daily and interaction with many folks a day.

    I'll just take one as an example because I did it for 21 yrs.
    The trucking industry. You cannot shut it down or the nation is on its knees in a week.
    Every trucking company has 100s of drivers. There are 100s of trucking company's, those 1000s of drivers travel and interact with thousands of people in every state and village every day.
    Throw in truck stops which cant be shut down and are in essence mini cities, with shops, resturants, showers.

    FedEx uses trucksfrom other companies as well running to every major airport in the nation.

    That one industry alone. Not even counting the many others that are similar and cannot be shut down should, I would think demonstrate the utter futility in the present response, or any gov response to " socially distance " and other catch terms gov is using to put forth a front that something effective is being done. When nothing really is or can be.

    What the govs storyline has done is guarantee rushes on every store ,gas station, and grocery in the nation . Those runs on stores for items TP ,food, ammo , guns are still going on despite gov decrees.

    In a nutshell state and fed gov are as usual saying "we are here to help you " while making things worse.
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    Early today my wife received a series of text messages concerning a lady who was admitted to Lawton's Southwestern Hospital with coronavirus. The lady came back sick after visiting relatives in NY City. She had visited Golden Corral and Wal Mart. One local hospital refused to admit her.

    At noon Channel 7 announced two cases of coronavirus in Lawton. This will quickly spread.
    Taking a cue from the white house, the state of OK health department has drug it's feet; done no testing, no nothing. Ditto for the Comanche county health department. Comanche County Memorial Hospital has accomplished some testing of those with health insurance only.

    So much for the white house announcement that anyone could get tested.
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