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    I shoot lots of .22 rimfire ammunition, only because I have lots of .22's. I'd love to see much more interest involved with those of you who started out with a .22 caliber rifle. I know dang well that there many of you folks that visit this site and have very interesting stories about your very first .22 rimfire caliber firearms.
    My stories go back til I was 10 years old, and I know full well that many of you visitors have some interesting tales to tell. Please, from one .22 rimfire lover to all of you all out there, bring us your experiences, and share the fun you've had with your .22.

    Here's my ammunition stash:

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    I still love rimfires! it's just hard to beat starting to learn to shoot with a 22lr rifle or pistol. I have many fond memories of time spent with my father and brother learning to shoot 22's, plus all the time spent in the woods hunting with one.

    22's are one of the best guns to start new shooters on, regardless of age.
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    I had a very good friend growing up, and our parents did a lot of things together. We went to the same schools together and are very close in age, within one month. They call us "BOOMERS". Back in the mid 50's we were both involved with the Boy Scouts and got involved with the VFW Post 1391 and shot on a rifle team at the local armory. I didn't realize it back then, but I did know my Father was in WW2, but all these men involved with teaching us kids all the basics, had also been involved with WW2.
    Lessons learned concerning all the regimented procedures in rifle shooting came from some of the very BEST instructors of that era. How the hell was a 10 year old kid supposed to equate what these men went through from 1941 until 1945, and if they were lucky enough to get back home and raise families.
    From those early learning years, I also still maintain a love for the .22 rimfire.
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    My first 22 would be illegal today. It was a Savage/Springfield single shot that had the stock cut down for a boy. Problem was, the barrel had also been cut- to about 13 inches...
    And no- have no idea where that is today. At about age 10 started using my Dad's Model 39 Marlin.

    Now days much of my "on hand" ammo is Match grade 22 (and THAT stuff is pricy) but I keep about 1 filing cabinet drawer full of regular 22 ammo- much of that Federal Auto stuff- maybe 500 rds of 22 CB Long.
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    Funny you should start this thread... We (wife and one of my grown daughters) are off to the range for ".22 day" a bit later today

    Here's what we are taking:
    Ruger SR22
    Ruger mkiii 22/45
    S&W compact M&P
    S&W 317 Kit Gun (revolver)
    Colt-Walther 1911-22
    Heritage SA 6.5" old glory (revolver)

    Kel Tec PMR-30

    No long guns today

    My first memories of a .22 about 1965... I remember learning to shoot / shooting prince albert cans off a fence post with my grandpa's .22 revolver (unsure what model)

    He rolled his own so had lots of these around

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    I started out with a semi auto High Standard 22 rifle. My favorite memory was my dad used to wear these big, loose rubber boots when we went shooting and he'd tuck his pants into them. He did quite a fine dance the day I ejected a few spent shells into them.

    He didn't think it was very funny. It was though.

    It's always the first thing I think of when thinking of the times we went out shooting.
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  7. locutus

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    My first "real" gun vwas an M-1 carbine. Loved it!

    My first .22 was a Remington model 121.

    I've hated all pump guns ever since!:p
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