I actually found a place with ammo and reasonable prices!

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    I was out and about earlier, when I noticed this local pawn shop next door. I knew they had guns, but didn't think they had ammo. I walked in to check it out, and lo-an-behold, what do they have a small shelf of? Ammo! They had a few boxes of .22, .30-06, 7mm, 12 gauge, 7.62x39, .35, .45, etc.
    I asked about the .22 and the 7.62. The .22 was $6 for 50, not bad considering the buying panic prices. The 7.62 was $8 for 20, also not bad. Ialso looked at a Smith and Wesson 10-5 they had for $300. It was old and had its wear and tear, but it looked like it was still kickin fine.