I’m in love with RAMI

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    She might be a little on the stubby side and a little heavy for her size, but she trips my trigger every time I hold her. :)


    I FINALLY was able to get a CZ 2075 RAMI BD sub-compact after a few months wait. But first I need to first give a big thumbs up to Damascus Gun Shop in Virginia. Not only were they an absolute pleasure to deal with, but the purchase and FFL transfer was quick and easy, and they did not jack up the price despite the demand. They will be getting my business in the future, and I highly recommend you check them out.

    When I went to sign the paperwork at my local range for the transfer, they coincidently had just received two in that day, but had them marked up $150 from what I paid. Now they don’t make the majority of their business selling guns so I guess that would explain in part the need for a higher price. When I went to finally pick mine up after the waiting period today, both were already sold. Nice to see they didn’t last out there, all alone, with no one to hold them.

    Some pictures below. I haven’t shot since early January and I’m by no means hickok45 :eek:. The RAMI is pictured with my Sig p226 for comparison. The target is my very first one with the CZ, working from top to bottom, left to right. Very happy as things tightened up moving right by the fourth target. Groupings pretty much stayed the same as the two on the right after this one. The few fliers were DA, and explained below. These are at 7.5 yards with Federal 115 grain FMJ from WallyWorld. I had one FTF and tried to load it back in the same place and FTF again, but reloaded it again later and had no other issues. Didn’t have time to run it out to 15 or 25 yards today. Just wanted to get a good feel for it and break it in a bit, as well as shoot my Sig. Some dry firing at home will get the trigger and my finger memory better (more below).

    The BD only comes in 9 mm. The manual safety version comes in both 9 mm and .40. All are alloy now. There previously was a polymer version, but it was discontinued and I’ve read reports that people were not happy with it. As for magazines, this one came with a 10 and 14, or it comes with a 10/10. You can put any CZ 75 Compact or full-size 75 magazine into it that corresponds in caliber. The only ones that won’t fit are the TS and P-07/P-09 mags. This is direct from CZ customer service.

    I’m lefty, and the decocker isn’t as convenient as the Sigs, but I got used to it. The slide lock was also a bit more difficult as a lefty than the Sig, but again it’s just my first day with it. I tried it righty and ergonomically both controls work well. Grip was very comfortable with both the 10 and 14 rd mags. With the alloy weight, I found muzzle flip to be in line with my Sig – very minimal and manageable.

    The DA pull is longer than I expected, heavy, and has a clean but surprising break after the length of the pull. Once I got used to it, it was no issue. The SA pull was surprisingly short with a crisp break. I really had to watch myself as I had a few SA pulls that I wasn’t ready for initially. Otherwise, the trigger was a little gritty at first but became less so after a few mags through it. As you can tell from the fourth and fifth target, me and the trigger got along much better. The next targets were about the same as the two on the right. This would fall in-line with other online reviews lauding the accuracy of the RAMI right out of the box.

    I am thrilled with this CZ! I was considering getting the CZ 75 SP-01 previously, but loved the Sig p226 way more. More love to CZ - way underappreciated firearm.

    Other reviewers have stated it is average for concealability, and while I don’t have a holster for it yet I did stick it inside my waistband on my back hip with a belt tight, walked around, sat down, etc, and found it very comfortable.

    It’s about 0.4 oz heavier than an M&P Shield 9 mm, and 0.3” wider.
    It’s about 0.36 oz heavier than a Glock 26, and 0.07” wider.
    It’s about 0.52 oz heavier than a LC9, and 0.35” wider

    Magazine Capacity 10/14

    Weight 1.590 lbs
    Overall Length 6.500 in
    Barrel Length 3.000 in
    Height 4.700 in
    Width 1.250 in


    Frame-Light Alloy
    Barrel-Cold Hammer Forged
    Trigger Mech. - SA/DA
    Sights - Fixed night sights
    Safety - Decocking Lever, Safety Stop on Hammer, Firing Pin Safety




    The target is my very first one with the CZ, working from top to bottom, left to right. Very happy as things tightened up moving right by the fourth target.
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    Great report, thanks. Enjoy that new pistola.