Hydro-Dip finishing

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    Now we all know you can refinish a gun in almost endless shades of bluing, you can get it nickel plated, chrome plated, even gold plated with diamond studded appointments (assuming you have the money and like that stuff), you can even bake on a finish of your own in your kitchen. But something I havent seen much of is Hydro-Dipping. This stuff is great and I got to witness part of the process and after affects of it when I toured a gunsmithing school in Trinidad, CO. The process is quite interesting and is also referred to as "water-printing" but is supposedly very durable as it had been used for years on motorcycles and vehicle parts.
    Check out the web-site for it and let me know what you guys think, because I plan to get one of my handguns (and probably a couple more) done in different designs with this method. The pictures in their gallery have some of the firearms they've done and they look pretty awesome.

    Water Transfer Printing / HydroGraphics / Camo Dipping
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    I'd be interested in how it holds up on a competition handgun.