Hybrid Car May Have Sparked Garage Blaze!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Bigcountry02, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Batteries are a b!tch when they have a meltdown. Those new ones for the hybrids are worse.

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    When I was in my teen years, my parents had a car catch fire on the driveway next to the house. Fortunately it did not catch the house. More recently, Ford had its recall of trucks and SUVs because the cruise control module sparked a fire in a few dozen vehicles (our F150 not among them).

    This reinforces my belief that parking a vehicle laden with petroleum distillates or potentially flammable batteries inside a structure attached to one's house is just asking for trouble. :eek:

    That's why our next house will have a detached garage, and why (in over 9 years of living there) we never once parked in the garage of the house we recently sold.
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    That was the new Chevy Volt in the garage! Anything, Government Motors (GM) stock is dropping.

    I remember that, my mom had a 1979 Ford LTD II had an issue with cruise control, Ford was a pain in the rear, never fixed it. That car was a problem, it was hot so many times, both sides and the worst one was from the rear while driving on the interstate doing 60 mph by a truck.

    My customer confidence in the following companies is negative and will not buy a new or used make/model:


    Years ago in Germany had a Russian Lada (Fiat) had an electrical issue, fix and the only maintenance was preventive, that little car could move, up to 100 mph.

    The other car was Opel Omega Station Wagon, very good work car, can carried a full size sleeper sofa in the back with hatch closed. She had to go to the scrap yard, the frame had rust, fixing was ano go.
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    Years ago I had a 1979 Ford Escort. It was the only car I ever bought brand new, it was bright, shiny red, 5 on the floor.......I loved that car. One day driving home from work, I stopped at a stop sign just about 3 blocks from my house. The windshield wiper blades started going and I thought maybe I accidentally turned them on when I put on the turn signal. Nope, the blades weren't turned on. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. As I sat at the stop sign and thought for a moment, I noticed the hood started to warp. After a very brief second of thought I realized there was something very, VERY hot under that hood. I started to see flames and I got out of the car and RAN like heck. I didn't know cars had firewalls and I thought that thing was going to blow up like a big, red, shiny bomb. The people who lived in the house I was in front of called 911 and the fire department came and hosed down the car to put the fire out. As I'm standing there in complete shock, I see my husband and kids come walking around the corner. They had heard the firetrucks and wanted to see what was going on. They got to see the fire department put the car out and their wife/mother in an emotional meltdown herself. :eek:

    I sometimes think I have a black rain cloud over my head that follows me around. [​IMG]
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