Husqvarna "Lahti" M40 pistol

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  1. Mercator

    Mercator Active Member

    Anyone owns one of these?

    Does it cycle reliably with subsonic and regular ammo? (Hot is not recommended)

    Does yours have the bolt accelerator?

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  2. JTJ

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    I dont have one but I am a little familiar with them. I researched them a long time ago when I was looking at buying one. You are right about the ammo. The frames have a serious cracking problem because Husqvarna used inferior steel in the mfg trying to cut costs. The Finnish L35 is a much better pistol and very reliable. The L40 is not as reliable. A PITA to strip.

  3. Mercator

    Mercator Active Member

    Everything I watched and read shows easy stripping. Of course the folks who paid $$$$ tend to defend their choice...

    Can you recall what made it a PITA?
  4. samnev

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    I don't find the M40 difficult to strip. It's is quite heavy but points well and is quite accurate. If you buy one check to see if the frame has any cracks. The warning to shoot only non +p ammunition is to be taken seriously as continued use might/will cause the frame to crack. I shot only moderate velocity hand loads in mine and never had any problems in the 30 years i've had it.
  5. Rex in OTZ

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    I had Husqvarna years ago, they are a solidly built hand gun, they sure were a tad heavy for a 8 shot, As I recall the word was not to use +p ammo if you didnt want to damage your frame, in 1990 you could get them for about $350, field stripping was simple and straight forward, frame mounted disassembly lever just above and fwd of trigger works just like a Walther P-38, just have to put the vertical block in correctly, then again it can only go together one way.(no harder than the Helwan Brigadere)
    as I recall its accuracy was pretty decent.
    one thing was the frame mounted safety has a way of sticking into the web of your hand, till the safety is disengaged.

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