Hunting without Firearms

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Feastiewinkle, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Feastiewinkle

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    I have caught a live squirrel, live armadillo, and got within grabbing distance of a nutrea once (with my hands).

    Does anyone know the habits of any other animals that are easy to sneak up on or catch without weapons?
  2. FALPhil

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    HeadShot climbs up into trees with a knife and jumps onto the backs of wild hogs to slay them with the knife. He was talking about trying the technique on bears. Maybe he will weigh in and provide more detail.

  3. Bear_Down

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    Porcupine Why sneak they only run top speed 3 mile an hour. Just wackem one on the end of the nose with a stick and dinner is on.
  4. seedy

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    Do you let them go after you catch them? You could always sneak up on trees and give them a big hug.:D
  5. ArcticNemo

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    What's a weapon?

    I once stunned a rabbit with a water bottle and snatched him up. Also have killed dove with my bicycle spokes, and once by grabbing from midair. Almost anything can be caught barehanded in suburban areas, where they don't fear people. Weasels are not a good idea to grab, even with gloves.
    If you use your hands to capture prey, aren't they your weapon? Rethink your question; shoelaces, toothpicks, McDonald's straws, paperclips....all these things can be used to make traps or weapons.

    Rabbits and other critters will often sit up to show that they see a predator, thereby signalling that it is useless to chase them. A well-thrown stick or rock will stun or tumble them enough to run down and grab.
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