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  1. gaeilgeoir

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    I've always wondered if this is still done, or popular. Many dogs were bred for hunting specific things, for instance the Irish Wolfhound (my dream dog which i will get as soon as i move out) even says it in the name, and well I'm just fishing for stories or facts or how to do it or anything....just curiosity :) Like has technology matched man's best friend or is he still useful?
  2. canebrake

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    Yep, they are still employed!

    Hog Dogs:

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  3. gaeilgeoir

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    Ha cool! And so they're used for tracking and coursing but the hunter takes the shot? Or do they just set? (or are both still used) haha I know I'm asking loads of questions but what else do they hunt?
  4. c3shooter

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    Here in VA we have deer hounds and coon dogs. The Eastern part of the state is pretty flat, VERY heavily wooded. Much of the deer hunting is from a stand- ground or tree. Hounds give chase, deer run thru areas where stand is. Hunter takes the shot. Dogs are NOT going to catch the deer- they usually circle back somewhere.

    Coon dogs give chase, and tree the raccoon. Some times it is chase only, sometimes hunter will take shot- usually a .22.

    We DO still have some fox hunters with fox hounds. Hounds will chase, and take down the fox if they can catch him. This is the traditional horseback "Ride to the hounds" fox hunting. No guns.

    We also have bird dogs for locating, flushing, and retrieving game birds- quail and pheasant- and retrievers for waterfowl. I used to have two of the prettiest little beagles you have seen that were GREAT rabbit dogs- they would flush rabbits, chase them towards the hunter. I swear those two pups loved hunting more than I did.
  5. Gordo323

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    Back in the day, I had a Brittany Spaniel that no pheasant could hide from.
    Technology can't replace that, or the adrenaline rush when he went on point! (yes brittanies point). Still hunt behind my brothers once in a great while.
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    my brother in law had a dog we use to take hunting it would track rabbits, koons, opossiums and a few other things. Something happened she became really gun shy, one day we where hunting rabbits she got'em out I left a round from my 12 gauge and she ran off. Me and him went looking she was in the back of the truck laying there waiting for us.

    We actually lost a dog ran off and wouldn't come back no matter how loud we called, we even tried treats dog wouldn't come back. A week later I was out in the field camping, went back to the truck on the other side of the field to grab my beer from the tool box (filled it with ice giant cooler) came back damn dog was sitting on my sleeping bag he saw me and just started wagging his tail.
  7. gaeilgeoir

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    Haha c3shooter i bet those dogs loved it, not many dogs are so lucky.

    And gordo I completely agree, theres something appealing to me about hunting with dogs, be it the oldie style or simply just the dogs, no piece of technology can bring that much happiness to a home...

    And ha unclebear great story, I'd feel torn between giving the dog a right ole giving out to and giving it a huge hug :p
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    In addition to Virginia, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, North & South Carolina still allow some hunting of deer with dogs. Not sure if Alabama still do or not, they did back in the 90's.

    My club in Louisiana decided to give it up after this past season. :(

    Nothing I now of gets your heart pounding like the dogs headed your way and your hear limbs start snapping.