hunting with a ar15, ear protection?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by shnorse, May 25, 2010.

  1. shnorse

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    Curious as to what you guys that hunt with your AR's do for ear protection. My AR has a very loud flash hider on it, and .223 in general is loud. When i fire my gun you can feel the percussion hit your face, especially if you are standing to the side of it... When i first got it, i fired 3 shots without ear protection and had to take it back inside, i couldn't take the noise... my ears rang for the next couple hours... I'll never fire it again without ear protection...

    Do you guys use ear plugs/muffs, and not hear the game, or what?

    Also, any way to modify a 10 round mag to 5 rounds easily?
  2. RugerShootinGal

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    We have an Ar I have to wear muffs but u can still hear what u need to hear I keep them slid back on one ear just a tad then pull it forward when ready to shoot. I hope that helps

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    For $ 32.00 with shipping included from Amazon, I picked up a pair of these to check out. After I couple pairs of bargain sets from Cabelas I gave up on the electronic ones.
  5. JonM

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    there are 5 round magazines available for AR's. the cabela's local to me stocks them. i dont use hearing protection when hunting. i dont find the sound of an AR outdoors loud. my first AR was a colt hbar that came with a dowel rod plug for each magazine to limit it to 5 shots in the twenty round mags for hunting. this was back in the mid 80's.
  6. Westy

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    Seriously? I have moderate hearing loss in both ears and to me, it's still way too loud.

    But that's just me! :D
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  8. c3shooter

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    ANY rifle with a muzzle break, I want my "ears". No MB or flash suppressor, I may hunt without, but if I am using 8mm, .30 cal, etc- I am usually hunting across a bean field. I could not HEAR a deer at that range unless he was playing the bagpipes. Foam plugs.

    Dove hunting? Muffs.
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    I think this is a real issue with the firearms community in general. I work in a loud building. The standard there is 30dB of protection minimum. To achieve this, foam plugs are almost exclusively required. Decibels are not linear, they are logarithmic. Add a three dB of protection and you gain nearly double.

    The good news is, most foam type plugs are in the 30-ish dB range, yet they are dirt freaking cheap. A club or small group of shooters can throw in a round of drinks worth of money and buy a thousand pairs.

    You only get one chance at protecting your hearing....
  10. TheDaggle

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    Why, I tell ya, if I ever saw a deer playing the bagpipes.... well, I wouldn't shoot him.
  11. Wambli

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    I've tried all sorts of contraptions including big money electronic muffs.

    For shooting/hunting with ANY gun I wear either Walker Game ears or I bough a pair of stereo electronic muffs from made by Howard Leigh for about $60 and they have become my favorites (really light, comfortable and they work VERY well and so far after a few years they are still going strong). They have two microphones so you can tell the direction of sound which is very important when hunting.

    I wear them because with the amplified stereo sound I can hear a deer fart 100 yards away and know where the fart came from. When I'm training or shooting IDPA I can hear range commands, people's questions and timers much better.
  12. Josey Wales '94

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    This. I hunt with all kinds of guns, and never use hearing protection, unless plinking. Seriously when you are hunting there IS NO recoil, no sound, just reaction, instinct. Then when you're done with the shooting you have this amusing silence of the woods, its just crazy. Your thoughts sound almost loud. I even use a .45-70 and with no ear protection, I guess my dad and I just want to be in tune with nature if you know what I mean.
  13. CHLChris

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    Too many rock concerts, Josey. You must have no more hearing to protect. I can barely use my weed whacker w/o protection. At the range I use foam earplugs INSIDE my over-ear protectors.
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    Stag Arms

    that is the compensator that is on my AR..

    my friend just bought a Del-ton with a different compensator on it and there is a huge difference. When he shot it the felt percussion was nothing, i told him to shoot my gun with me standing right next to him like i was before, and my damn shirt flew up from the ammount of air that came my way.

    In NY you can't just unscrew it, but how do i get a different one that is still NY legal?