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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ss0105, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Yes, it allows anyone to hunt.

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  2. No, takes the sport out of hunting.

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  3. Other.

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  1. ss0105

    ss0105 Guest

    So, I keep seeing the latest technology the hunter's use. They practically don't need ANY skill anymore. I think it's cool, but it takes the sport out of hunting.

    So, the latest crazy hunting gadgets, good or bad?
  2. ckbig

    ckbig Guest

    For competitions standards should be kept and technology should not be a factor.

    I don't mind it when people just want to use gadgets to hunt (GPS, sights, remote, etc.)

  3. coxhw

    coxhw New Member

    Any advancement is good. One thing about shooting or hunting, you can do it your way. I like having a choice. Some times it fun to use the "Hubble" Night Force scope or use the iron sights. It's like being an American, Your free to do it the way you want.
  4. Splatter

    Splatter New Member

    Here in Canada we are suffering a large decrease in the number of hunters, thanks in part to an unsupportive government. But now the chickens are coming home to roost. In many parts of the country "nuisance wildlife" is starting to be more than a nuisance, it's getting dangerous, more deer/elk/moose-vehicle collisions, property damage and the occasional fatality.

    Does the latest-and-greatest remove a little 'fair' from the concept of -fair chase- ? Yes, it does.
    Does it matter? Not around here.
  5. ironhat

    ironhat New Member

    Yes, Splatter, it's a pandemic problem and the liberal answer is to develope contraceptives to control herds. Here in Pennsylvania we have expanded or more lax (fewer points required) bag limits and seasons for the more populous areas such as Pittsburg and Philadelphia.

    As for the technology, I'd prefer more archaic methods but then I'd be taking the scope off my rifle and I no longer have the eyes for open sights. I'd like to see scopes pulled from crossbows too but then again I'm being two faced based on my open sight challenge. Hmmmm, a conundrum and a quandry so I guess it's something that has to be decided by the hunter's preferences and needs. Legislating the use of improvements would be a nightmare and just open us up to more abuse by game officials than we currently endure. Our Fish and Game Dept has been having financial difficulties, althought they built themselves a beautiful new HQ a few short years ago. I know three individuals who were cited for hunting over bait when they were clearly nowhere near their alleged 'find' of bait. I'm banking that they shake enough hunters and most don't have the time it to make a hearing. So, it's easy money for the F&G Dept. OK, enough blathering from me.