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    What would be a good pair of sticks doesn't really matter if it's mono bi or tri. Would be for sitting kneeling and standing. Does anyone have a good recommendation
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    I make my own shooting sticks for far less money than any store bought sticks. Theres many different ways and configurations but what I do is make a trip to the local farm supply store and get a bag of castrateing rings, several green garden stakes plyable rubber tubing that fits over the stakes is optional. The first thing you need to do is measure and cut to size two stakes for whatever length you need. The next step is to slip over a few castrating rings over the two stakes down four or five inches if you want you can cut a 8 or 9 inch section of the plastic tubing and fit it over the ends of the stakes this will act as a cradle. You can do a lot different and make them your own but thats how I did mine.