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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Banshee, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Banshee

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    If you are taking someone hunting with you what rules do you make them follow? What if you were taking clients to a deer lease to let them hunt? Some people just don't have common sense and you never know until they're wandering around you with a firearm.
  2. matt g

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    Here are the regs, memorize them.

    You shoot it, you gut it and eat it.

    You shoot me, I shoot you.

  3. longshot

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    When I take new guys out with me I always go over basic firearm safety with them first. It seems like common sense stuff but way to many poeple are lacking that anymore.

    No loaded firearms in the vehicle is a biggy.

    Safety on until you are ready to fire. Always keep a keen eye on the other's safety's.

    Another big one. Absolutely no booze until after the firearms are put up! It doesn't take much for new guys to get excited and forget the simplest things.

    And if someone's just plain stupid, keep 'em out. I'd rather send an idiot packing than loose a great hunting buddy due to someone's incompetence.
  4. Tanker60A3

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    Count to 10

    Amen Longshot!

    If we are talking deer hunting, and I assume we are, I tell them to count to 10 before they shoot. That way they can calm down, and make sure it really is a deer! I never want to hear someone say, "I though he was a deer."
    John Q.
  5. dragunovsks

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    I've never took anyone hunting with me but I've been with my father-in-law. Here are a few of his rules.

    -Never load a gun until outside the house, likewise after the hunt, never bring a loaded firearm inside the house.
    -Never kill anything unless you intend on cleaning and eating it.
    -Keep weapon pointed in a safe direction
    -Never attempt to cross over or go under a fence with a shotgun or rifle in your hand, hand it over to your hunting buddy and hold his weapon while he does the same.
    -Never shoot at something you can't see, don't shoot at sounds. This one gets a lot of hunters killed.

    Most of them where common sense, we all should us common sense while around firearms. Safety first.
  6. J_B

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    You will not have a hunting rifle chamber loaded in my vehicle. no exceptions
    If I find such, I will unload it, toss your ammo out the window.
    Do not bring any booze along period. no exceptions
    Do not bring any smokin dope along period. no exceptions
    You can not be on any altering pains meds, period. no exceptions
    Point your firearm in a safe direction away from me and or someone else.
    Do not use your scope as your bio's the thing you maybe looking at just might be another hunter. (felony in Montana pointing a firearm at another person) no exceptions

    If they have not had Hunters Education, these are usually taught and enforced with aiding them with their hunt.
    Know your target and beyond.
    You will wear hunter orange vest unless bowhunting.
    If you have never hunted before, and shoot a deer etc that you have a tag for, you will learn to properly tag it first and then learn to gut and clean that animal.

    Mhy uncle found out the hard way, while he was out of my truck I inspected his Enfield when I noticed the fireing pin back, and safety off with the muzzle pointed right at my transmission. I discovered a loaded firearm and proceded to empty all cartridges from his rifle. Several hours later he went to use it...... CLICK and his deer got away.

    I told him, the next time I find a rifle of his like this in my truck, no matter where we are at and I don't care if we are 50 miles back into the back country..... you will walk out.