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  1. 1911beast

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    what gear do you need to go small game hunting
  2. jpattersonnh

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    Depends on the game! If I'm hunting near where you are a good pair of Brush pants, mine are snake proof. A good pair of high boots that breath. For both birds and rabbits these are a neccesity. A fanny pack to carry ammo, glow sticks, a mini mag light, some cans of juice, 1st aid kit, calls, sun screen, extra ammo, and trail mix. If you are planning on walking a long distance, one of the best things to do is wrap a piece of cardboard in tin foil, step on it with your boot and leave it on your dashboard when you go out. It makes finding you in case of emergency easier. I also carry a 9 shot .22lr revolver. Did I mention I hate snakes!

  3. unclebear

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    as little as possible .22 rifle or 12 gauge shotgun, a belt pouch that holds ammo, flash light, tools (for the weapon) matches, a E blanket, I have my knife on my belt, my water is in a insulated bladder bag (also insulated to make less noise). As for cloths depends on game 90% of the time I wear Camo jeans (real tree pattern) camo shirt, boonie hat, and shoes either Hermans Survivors or some hiking boots. I have a messenger bag I use for the bodies,
  4. 303tom

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    My 410, my Red Heads, & my Dog.
  5. zimm

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    In my state (Pennsylvania) 250 sq inches of orange is required on the head, back, and chest. So my gear, ammo, hunting license is all carried in a hunting coat. This plus my shotgun and a good pair of brush pants is all I take.
    Since our small game seasons run from late October to February, I chose a hunting coat with an insulated vest that zips in and out.