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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by 1911beast, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. 1911beast

    1911beast New Member

    i am looking for a duck hunting/pheasant hunting dog that does not shed and is not super expensive
  2. Blueguns

    Blueguns New Member

    Pheasant, I like English pointers. I don't hunt alot of duck, so I can't comment.

    I don't think they shed a lot, but they may be pricey.

  3. 25-5

    25-5 New Member

    Try Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I have seen them in field trials and duck hunting. They are not cheap. No good hunting dog is. It is in the breeding, unless you are very lucky.
    Also I think you can get duck at the grocery.
  4. Old_Crow

    Old_Crow New Member

    The OP has unreasonable expectations. A dog that is bred to hunt pheasants isn't going to do well retrieving ducks. You can't expect a retriever to go out and point birds.
  5. JD1969

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    ^^And he has made several threads asking pretty much the same questions. IMO the OP does not have much experience with dogs, (in another thread he asks if Labs shed). Training a hunting dog is not easy and if someone has no experience they should seek out and heed the advice of a good trainer, otherwise the OP is just setting himself for disappointment. I am all for hunting dogs and have hunted with them in the past (black and tans, labs and pointers). However those were all dogs that were owned and trained by friends. I have owned dogs all my life, from Labs to Danes to St. Bernard's and all sorts of mixed breeds. They have all been family pets, I am not sure I could do the work involved in training a dog to hunt. It really is a huge commitment.
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  6. kytowboater

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    To the op..... How old are you?

    Do you have any experience whatsoever with firearms, animals, bows? No disrespect meant, just all your questions are the same and lack knowledge, which is fine. That's why we are here.
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