Hunting coyote?

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Samhain, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Samhain

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    I would like to hunt coyote. Is a hunting license required?
    What type of firearm would you use?

    Can you hunt coyote with an AR15 .223?
    I have heard you can but need a 5 round max mag.

    I live in Connecticut if anyone knows the hunting laws.
    I plan on calling places that offer hunting classes, but thought I would check with you guys first.

  2. Dillinger

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    I seem to remember an almost "rabid" group of coyote hunters who formed an official site and report on hunting them in, pretty much, all states where they can be found.

    Coyote Population Team, or Coyote Population Control Team. Something like that.....

    I will see if I can find it....


    EDIT: Found them. U.S. Coyote Management Team. These guys can probably tell you everything you need to know, and probably a ton of stuff you didn't want to know... LOL They take it pretty seriously...
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  3. BigO01

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    You really need to check into your state game laws and just exactly what is the best "most productive" legal way to hunt them .

    Here In Missouri I have met guys who have hunted them with dogs and high powered rifles , Calls + decoys and rifles and pistols and even at night using calls and shotguns at very close ranges .

    The laws very from state to state but there are very few animals that I can think of that don't require a hunting license .

    Depending on your age and State laws you may even be required to attend a hunter safety course before they will sell you any type of hunting license .

    O and one thing Poaching/hunting any animal without a required license is being taken more seriously every year and criminal charges and fines get tougher and tougher if you love owning guns don't take the chance of hunting without a license if it is needed , who knows you might lose you right to even legally own a gun .
  4. dragunovsks

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    We hunt them in Indiana with rifles and shotguns, just whatever we feel like taking and whatever we have ammo for when we leave. I like to hunt them at night cause it seems like they are out more at night in my area but I've heard of people hunting them early in the morning. I've shot them with my SKS and it makes a good coyote gun, haven't killed one with my AR yet.

    I don't know if you need a license though, I always hunt them on my father-in-laws 100 acre farm cause they get his chickens and killed two of his dogs last year.
  5. cpttango30

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    First things first you need to check your state laws. Second Coyotes are not the eaiest animals to hunt, not all of them are as stupid as the cartoon yote. An AR will work just fine in 223 it will do a good job. Like some other said i know guys that just grab a gun it could be a 223 or a 7mm RUM or a 12 ga with 3" 00 Buck loads. Yotes don't really care whatyou blow their guts out with.

    I would reccomend you go over and visit and These two sites deal mainly with whackin yotes. Be carfule on predator masters some of them get a little pissy with new guys and some get pissy if you hunt yotes at anytime other than Nov-Feb.

    You are also going to need some calls. Mouth calls are the cheapest but take time to learn. electronic callers IE FoxPro are expensive ranging from $100 on up to $700+ for the top of the line fox pro full of sounds.

    I am going to sujest that you get yourself some Randy Anderson videos. Randy is the undisputed king of yote wackin. Les Johnson and his brother are another set of yote smackin gods as well. They have a tv show and they put out some DVD's as well. You can learn a lot from both.
  6. mrwatch

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    I would have to read up more. In Michigan you need to be a permanent resident. One man from out of state was denied a resident license at my local hardware store because the lot he owned did not have a dwelling on it? Not sure how much time a year you have to actually live in a state for a license? I know a man who uses a call system and has some luck. Says 22s mostly just spin them around and then run off. I have seen a couple but not tried to hunt them. I am hoping he will invite me over.
  7. shnorse

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    if you are a deer huter and want to also hunt coyote... don't..

    last year i went out there to go hunting for coyote (out of deer season) and i wassn't out there but 4 minutes when i saw 6 does and a VERY nice buck... i just sat there watching them in awe... knowing when deer season comes around, i will not see them again...

    i use a 20 gauge... as it is what i own... i was using slugs, but plan on going to buck shot when i get a chance... we have alpacas, and we need to keep them coyote free... legal as far as i know, there issn't a law on gun size is there?