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    I watched a Video on hunting coyotes and I was wondering if anyone can educate me.

    I have been deer hunting before and it wasn't for me, I just did like sitting in the cold woods for hours. But I have cleaned many deer with friends and family and more the willing to keep helping.

    With other game I see people save the skins, meat, and even seen bone handles made. So I can under stand why people shoot those.

    But do people eat coyote meat? Guessing keeping the skins wouldn't be hard but anyone mount them?

    What is the reason for hunting coyotes? Deer I know destroy crops, cause car wreaks and you need to keep there numbers down. But I wouldn't think coyotes cause that much damage but guessing they could have huge numbers.

    Again just wondering not trying to keep anyone from hunting them.
  2. c3shooter

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    Predator. They kill everything from livestock to family pets. When I lived in Colorado, they would come into housing developments at night looking for puppies or cats in the yards of houses. Capped a couple on the sidewalk of my house.

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    The one thing you cant do with a coyote you can do with a deer EAT IT. This year I will be going after WILIE E. hope I get enough skins to get a blanket made.I never went after the dogs before but I here if you fool the dogs to come in you did something RIGHT!.
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    If you have ever seen a coyote take down a fawn and start eating it while it's still alive you want to kill them all. BUT from a more logical perspective, population control. There are just too many of them because they have no one higher in the food chain themselves and plenty to eat. They decimate deer, turkey, rabbit and other game populations and they also attack livestock (usually calves) right when they are born. Dairy farmers hate them and many farms that will not allow deer hunters will welcome a predator hunter with open arms. Great way to ingratiate yourself with a land owner.

    On the sporting side, hunting coyote is the closest thing to hunting humans most folks will ever get to experience. They have great senses and will see you/smell you faster that you can say he's gone... Camo head to toe and flawless scent suppression is the key and then learn how to call them in.
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    Coyote's are really a giant pain, same with bobcats but you can't kill them unless they pose a imminent threat to you or another person. Coyote's eat any living thing that they can get there mouth around, even small children, enough of them get hungry enough or see the opportunity they'll take down a deer. The skins aren't bad, the meat isn't something you really want to eat, it makes ok catfish bait.

    Also you can kill them all year around with no limit, most farmers are usually more then glad to let you kill them if they don't do it them selves, which can open a door to make them your friend and come deer or turkey season they might let you hunt on there property which is pretty much the reason I met my wife, coyote hunting on her families property.
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    Thanks for all the info.

    I think I am going to find someone local that hunts and see if they will take me some time. Sounds like it will be more for me then deer hunting was.
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    One good reason to hunt them is if they weren't originally in your area but are now an invasive species that takes a weird spot in the food chain and exploits it. I was told they were imported in MS for sport, by some really choice dumbasses. When i lived near the MS delta, i would see them by the road shot regularly, and i had more than a few people tell me that they would pull over to kill one any chance they could (not technically legal due to being to close to road to shoot).

    I bet your family dog or cat would love some "organic" coyote-based petfood. :D
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    here in kentucky we can't kill bobcats legally unless they pose a direct threat, their a problem in Dan Boone esp if you take your dog camping with you.
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    We use electronic varmint calls for yotes and bobcats.They work great.
    Sometimes we will just try to blend in with the vegetation along a fence row,and sometimes we set up ground blinds.

    Then just turn on the call and wait for one to show.It usually doesn't take long.The call I use has a remote,and there are several different calls that I can switch on and off up to 100yards away from the unit.We also use a jack in the box,that moves around a furry tail simulating injured game.
    It drives the predators nuts when they see it,and they will come a running and never even look around for the shooter's.