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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Dude, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Dude

    Dude New Member

    for those who don't own land on average how much do you pay to lease land to hunt on and how did you find the land?

    we just moved here to dallas, texas and I'm not sure where to hunt?
  2. coxhw

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    If you are looking for state land you can go to Texas Parks & Wildlife web site and look up Type 2 land. Another place to look is the news papers if you want a lease. The prices are anyones guess. Most of the leases you find in East Texas will be cheaper than the ones in the Hill Country. Next on the price is South Texas, and you better have deep pockets. Well thats about all the danage I can do. Good Luck

  3. lmc

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    Hi, in louisiana we look for land that logging companies lease and get the land for pretty cheap but in texas i don't know if you have that kind of land it all depends where in texas you are located, hope this helps.
  4. Brent L

    Brent L New Member

    Dude, my brother. Your new state is a broad place, just like your question.

    Please be a little more specific on the types of animals you wish to hunt on the land you lease. You can lease land for a specific species and /or multiple species. Prices will vary depending on this. There are many ways in which to procure information, but you need to narrow your question or give more info.