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  1. Pjj342

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    I am looking for a shotgun that can fill a few roles. I need it to be a home defense tool first. Second Id like to hunt grouse and pheasant with it. third, it would have to be 'gentle enough' for my wife to be able to pick up and use. I know there are alot of good ones for under 400 dollars, what would be the best option?

    12 or 20 guage, company, barrel length and model, aproximate price.
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  2. cddbrowns

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    Under 400 bucks I would go with the Mossberg 500. Pretty reliable all around shotty.

  3. deathkricket

    deathkricket New Member

    Agree and if your wife is shooting it to i recomend a 500 20GA
  4. Werminator

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    Or look at the Remington 870 Express Magnum in 20 ga. I have had an 870 Express Magnum in 12 ga for about 12 years now and have had NO PROBLEMS with it doing everything I expected of it. I bought the combo which came with both shot barrel and slug barrel. The slug barrel can also throw buckshot (though not with surgical accuracy) pretty well in the Home Defense role, while the shot barrel can have different chokes inserted for various game birds. I also have hunted deer with slugs and it sure makes you feel like a man to fire off a few 12 ga slugs... I suggest making sure the one you get is magnum friendly though, so as to allow for the less robust 20ga caliber. That way you can load it with standard power loads for home protection that even you wife could handle, but you can take a little more distance capable load out hunting.
  5. fireguy

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    I got my wife a Remington 870 Express 20 ga. youth model. She is around 5'4" and a full size stock was too much reach for her. She enjoys breaking clays with it a lot.
  6. 500mag_guy

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    The mossy 500 is a great quality shotgun for the money. Buy a limbsaver for it and get a 12ga that way your wife can shoot it comfortably and you dont have to sacrifice the distance you can while hunting.
  7. Sonnypie

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    I only have one complaint with my Mossberg 500. It was chambered for 2 3/4" and 3". (1960's)
    After firing 75 - 3" through it, it was noticeably looser in the action. I quit using 3" in it at all.
    It always was a tight shooter. I had to wait, and wait, and let my target get out there, then knock it down. It was stamped Full Choke, but was more like an Extra Full.
    I always picked the furthest duck, or waited for the Jack Rabbit to get out a ways.