Hunted for and Saw Everything Today

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Triumphman, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Went out squirrel hunting, turkey hunting, and checked out some prime deer spots(saw a couple) for November's hunt on Public Land and weather was perfect for anything a person wanted to hunt for, or just to get away for a nice walk in the woods. Saw some squirrels at a distance, but you know how they are. Now you see them----now you don't, once you get to the area, and being by myself, it's easy for a squirrel to elude a person. Did get to shoot a Groundhog. Did you know they can climb trees? I didn't, and this one climbed a tree about 6ft up and I shot it down. Changed to a different area for Squirrels and when coming back to my truck, I caught a blue glint out of corner of my eye and saw that a bunch of hens were walking along side me about 20yds off. Put a bead on one and now it's wings/tail will be hanging on my wall on a plaque. Got my very 1st turkey.:D Wasn't too big. Maybe 7-10 pounds before defeathering/cleaning out. Just hope this Deer Season(firearm) goes as well.