Hungarian FEG Pistol AP MBP .32 Cal

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  1. PatriotEmpire

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    Can someone help me. I love a new gun I bought. I would like to find out two things:

    1. where I could buy several clips for the only pistol I own right now. It is a 32 Cal Hungarian FEG Pistol. Attached is pic.

    2. Will a 380 clip for the 380 version of this gun work in my 32 cal?

  2. trip286

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    Pic didn't attach.

    Magazines and clips are two entirely different things, and some people get their panties in a twist over improper usage. I've turned down a good deal on a gun because the seller was being "over the top" obnoxious about calling it a clip. Your gun takes a magazine.

    Try gunbroker, gunsAmerica, midway, brownell's, and numrich. Assuming you've tried contacting the manufacturer?

    A magazine for a .380 will NOT take .32. The round isn't fat enough to be held in place by the feed lips of the mag, sorry.

    And welcome to FTF!

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    Shouldnt this be in the handgun forum