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    Does anyone have a Adams Arms (Huldra -Fleet Farm) rifle. I'm new to the AR 15 thing, and have been attempting to learn what I can.
    My first thoughts were to buy a Ruger 5.56, however, they are costly and heavy. I then looked at Stag Arms madel 8; it appears to be a good rifle. I haven't seen one to hold and swing and---.. The same for the M&P line (pistons) from Smith.
    Then I started to read about the Huldra. The 1" gurantee must mean they feel they are making it right and the fact that they are using Melanite to insure corosion resistance and smooth function (as is S&W) appears to be a really good thing. The short stroke piston is not significantly heavier than a direct gas system. They are available.
    All of them (black rifles) seem to be on the ugly side ,but as the old saw goes, "pretty is as pretty does".
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    I've never handled an Adam Arms piston rifle they are one of the better piston manufacturers if not the best out there. I have had experience with cmmg's piston system, built it up for under 700 bucks and it worked flawlessly, the only draw backs were that getting an after market hand guard is a little more expensive. If my memory serves me right Huldura comes with a quad rail out of the box