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    Im sure many of you know or have at least heard of the gunbill HR 45 or also known as the blair bill. we really need to do everything we can to stop it or at least slow it down if at all possible. if you havent heard of it google it and read it. it is actually one of the most disgusting bills i have ever read regarding firearms. mainly because its not just after assault weapons but its after ANY AND ALL MAGAZINE FED FIREARMS INCLUDING PISTOLS. please somebody tell me something....anything ... that you think can be done.:mad::mad:
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    start writing you congressmen/women and state leaders. let them know what you think of the bill and how it is slowly taking away our 2nd amendment.

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    In other words, if they can't fight the Second Amendment directly, do an end-around and try to circumvent it. The gun grabbers are doing their damnedest to make it extremely difficult for responsible gun owners in this country. It's time we gun owners do our damnedest to make it difficult for these "people" to get their way with our Second Amendment rights. I have already let Senators Reid and Ensign (Nevada reps) know my feelings on this matter. I'd probably get more done by banging my head on a wall than writing to Reid, though. He's too busy planting his lips firmly on Kennedy's butt to do anything to help Nevadans and going against H.R. 45.
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    Time to pack up for switzerland.
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    HR 45 is not an immediate threat. It currently lies in a coma in committee, with NO cosponsors. The bill is making it's rounds on Internet gun forums, and e-mail lists, but there is little, or no chance of it going anywhere.

    Introduced yearly by former Black Panther radical, Congressman Bobby Rush (Dem., Illinois), the bill is so bad, even the most radical lefties in congress don't want to touch it.

    Info on the bill at NRA;
    NRA-ILA ::

    If you want to worry about something, worry about the various International gun ban treaties coming at us. When a treaty is voted on and passed by the senate, it becomes law, over and above the US Constitution, including the bill of rights.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. Under President Bush, our UN ambassador voted against it every time it came up. Obama says he will support such a treaty. Why mess with assault weapon bans, ballistic fingerprinting, and similar bills? Keep gun owners chasing red herrings such as HR-45, when only one vote by the senate can negate the 2nd Amendment. I wonder who would enforce it? UN troops?

    NRA-ILA :: President Obama Announces Support for Firearms Treaty=