HP ammo suggestions for NAA Guardian .380

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by AdamSean, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. AdamSean

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    I just picked up this little beauty and am in the process of testing out different HP ammo in it. So let's keep this to users who have or have had in the past this exact pistol.

    I haven't seen too much data on if this particular pistol in .380 ACP is picky on the kind of ammo it likes. I am headed to the range tomorrow with some FMJ to break it in and also with a few different HP ammo to see if it favors any over some others. I currently have Winchester PDX1 95gr and of course Hornady Critical Defense. The Hornady CD is always my go to if nothing else works reliable. It performs with decent results for its intended purpose. However, the Winchester PDX1 has better performance results and so I would prefer to carry that, but that is only if it functions reliably. I had a Diamondback DB380 that refused to chamber the PDX1.

    Are there any other HP ammo choices I should be considering? Please refer to ammo you have actually used in a NAA Guardian .380 ACP.
  2. BeyondTheBox

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    I've always liked CorBon, light but high velocity and great penetration, and Glaser safety slugs for the smaller calibers. But like you Hornady Critical Defense is my go to back up.

  3. locutus

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    My first choice is Winchester Silver Tip Hollow Points. IMHO, the best compromise between penetration and expansion.
  4. Tackleberry1

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    Years ago I bought one of the first Guardian's in .32 ACP

    NAA recommended Winchester Silver Tips and they worked flawlessly in that pistol.

  5. AdamSean

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    I have been getting a lot of recommendations for the CorBon DPX. I refuse to use a bullet that only penetrate 6 inches. CorBon needs to rework the bullet design.

    And the Winchester Silvertips are only slightly better. The best results I have seen is 9 inches. I like the bullet profile, but I want max penetration with at least some expansion in this underpowered cartridge. The Hornady Critical Defense has been the best performer so far in my Guardian. Until there is a better performer, this is my carry choice.

    I do like the Silvertips in .357 Magnum though. Perfect balance of optimal penetration and expansion.