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My name is Dan and I'm the co-owner in Oregon Firearms Academy LLC, hence the handle "OFADAN".

I was invited to join by Kyle - thanks Kyle!

For the last 31 years I've been in the firearms industry professionally as a Firearms Retail Store owner, gunsmith, and now for the last 10 years as co-owner in the Academy - OFA.

Our Academy attracts over 1500 students annually from all over the world. Our students range from men/women in the military, the Alphabet Boys/Girls, LEO's, SWAT, CERT, Corrections, Investigators, private contractors heading to the Sand Box and private citizens.

Our Academy was nominated at the 2006 SHOT Show as Business Range of the Year and one of only 8 faciliates to rated as a 4-Star Range by the National Assocation of Shooting Ranges a Subsidary of NSSF.

I'd say 60% of our students are "Joe and Jane Citizen" who want to continue their training after obtaining a concealed handgun license. We offer 40 different courses ranging from basic to advanced level defensive handgun, shotgun, carbine, sub gun, long range precision rifle, general purpose rifle, wilderness survival for a potentially hostle envirorment, edged weapons, defensive tactics/unarmed, less lethal munitions, women's unarmed, vehicle defense...well you get the idea.

Our On-Line Pro Shop hosts the worlds only "WASP" Weapon's Accessible Survivial Pack - check it out at OFAGEAR dot com

I'm a full time student of the art and my passion is shooting black powder cartridge rifles - particularly Sharps. I look forward in both contributing and learning from all of you!

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