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Howdy from South Louisiana

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Hello All,

I registered about when the site first started, but never introduced myself. I'm 26 and located in New Iberia, LA which is about 20 miles south of I-10 and central in the lower portion of Louisiana. I have a medium sized collection of firearms and enjoy hunting or just shooting.

I have the following (always growing) in my collection:

(6) models of Remington Nylon .22LR
Remington 7600 in .35 Rem. - wood stocks
Remington 7600 in .308 Win - wood stocks
Remington 1100 12ga. - wood stocks
Remington 870 12ga. - synthetic stocks
Remington .22LR semi-auto - camo stocks
Mossberg 20ga. pump - wood stocks
Mossberg 12ga pump - synthetic stocks
Austin & Halleck .50cal muzzleloader - synthetic stocks and stainless barrel
Glennfield .22LR semi-auto - wood stocks
.410ga bolt action - wood stocks
Browning .22LR pistol semi-auto
.22LR revolver
Dan Wesson .357 revolver - wood
Glock Model 23

I'm on the look out for a GP100 and a Marlin 45/70, along with other model Reminton Nylons I come across.
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Welcome to the forum! Nice collection you have there.
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