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  1. shon0331

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    Been thinkin of a new hunting rifle and just seen howa. Anyone have one or know really anything about them.
  2. WhelanLad

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    Look im not a huge fan although it is mainly due to the stock.. Hogue stock IMO is ****house. Felt too fat in the forend an all over not my cup of tea.
    In saying that the action an barrels are fine . In a synthetic stock id use one no worries.

  3. billt

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    I have a Weatherby Vanguard which is basically a rebadged Howa. The action and barrels are very good on these rifles considering the price. If you decide on the Weatherby Vanguard instead of the Howa, it comes in a variety of different finishes and stocks. Mine is in .300 Weatherby Magnum, and I must say with handloads it is one of my more accurate rifles. Weatherby now test fires these and culls the more accurate ones as MOA rifles, and engraves that on the floorplate. They sell for a few more bucks. They might be worth it if you don't handload. I forgot what group size they guarantee, but for a hunting rifle it's pretty good.

    Mine is not freebored the way the Mark V's are, and because of that I'm able to seat most of my loads .020 off the lands. Doing this I've never had a load go over an inch. Even with cheaper FMJ bullets. With 210 gr. Berger's or 208 gr. Hornady A-Max's it will cut one ragged hole for as long as I care to sit there and pull the trigger.