Howa barrel removal

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by dan983, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. dan983

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    I wonder if anyone has any experience rebarreling a Howa varmint rifle. I just asked my smith and he relayed he cannot break the barrels free from the receivers. He thinks it may be glued or somehow pressure fit into the receiver.

    After 400 ft lbs he's worried the receiver may twist? This seems weird? Any advice wouldnbe appreciated.


  2. stalkingbear

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    Has he tried Kroil and/or temperature (cold/hot)? Is he using a proper fitting action wrench? The action can't twist as long as he's using the exact action wrench or insert for that receiver.

  3. opaww

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    It can be removed for one reason is that you can buy replacement barrels for them, but how I don't know yet but will find out when I need to replace mine.
  4. triggerman770

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    barrel removal

    If it were in my shop, and I had this problem, I would check with Howa and see if they are glued or pinned(not generally done ,buutt>>)
    if all were no I'd put a tad of heat on it (3-400 degrees) but that would be a last resort. I have a 4 foot section of pipe to cheat my receiver wrench, and a barrel vise(not vice) that will work on a howtzer, and I would think your "smith" would have one too
  5. alxltd1

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    I have heard from a few smiths that the Howa barrels are installed with very high torque and that breaking them loose is a pain. However most have said that with proper action wrench and barrel vise and sufficent leverage they will break loose. Another smith has made a relief cut at the joint between barrel and action face to assist in removal. If I were not going to reuse the take-off barrel, and you had faith in the smith not to damage the action face, I would go with the relief cut. Good Luck.
  6. Robinnz

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    barrel change

    Hi , very tight barrels were common in some military rifles and making a relief cut just in front of the receiver was the usual practice when making a change ..
    about 1/16 th in front of the shoulder should do the job and there is no risk of cutting into the front of the receiver ring ... Just did a mauser this morning .. Rob