Howa at Sunset

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    After I got thoroughly disgusted with my other rifle I ran, (yes, I actually ran,) home, then ran back with my Howa so I could hit a target before I went into withdraws.

    I also had to take advantage of the 0mph wind conditions and get a zero with my Hornady 220gr RN cartridges that I had loaded a few days ago.

    [ame=""]Howa At Sunset[/ame]

    I usually shoot when my heart is a little faster than normal since I wait 20 seconds after walking up the hill before I shoot. This time I needed to shoot before the sun dropped, so I was a little rushed.


    I just made it. My heart beat was making the rifle move but it was still staying within that 4 x 5" target.

    That rifle is a dream to shoot.