howa 1500 question!

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    hello. new to the forum. i have 2 howa axiom rifles right now.

    1. .243 heavy barrel blued, with a mark optics 10-40 magnification 50 mm objective lens and illuminated mildot reticle. 13-25 harris bipod and handloaded 62 grain barns varmit grenades at 3600fps. weighs 14lbs.

    2. 300 win mag. light barrel blued.

    my .243 has been amazingly accurace to 300 yards. never tried to stretch it any further as it is just my coyote gun.

    my 300 on the otherhand i want to shoot long range, 700+ if needed.

    my friend and i have been discussing wether or not the howa is worthy of the money im willing to spend on it. i already have all the toys picked out, just need to know wether i should go ahead with my build or not.

    he shoots a tika t3 lite 300 rum, and is a huge fan of the t3. has never shot a howa.

    my setup, for whatever rifle will be the following.

    blue diamond huskemaw 5-20 scope, ranged and custom turreted to 800+yards.

    harris 9-13 swivel bipod with pod lock.

    caldwell wind meter,

    muzzle break,

    leupod rx-1000 tbr range finder,

    (if howa a timney trigger set to 1 and 1/2 lb pull)

    scope coat and sun shade for the scope.

    let me know if the howa will do or if i should sell and look for another route.

    p.s. for those who dont know the axiom stock is an adjustable length pull with a pistol grip and built in recoil supression and completely free floated barrel.

    both my howas are blacked out.

    my 300 win mag has a 1 in 10" twist and a 24" barrel. if i stick with the howa what factory ammo should i use. thinking 165 grain or 180 grain, as i would like to shoot elk and moose as well as long range mule deer.

    thnaks in advance... let me know if im doin the right thing or if i should change something... or everything.