How would one go about becoming an Arms Dealer?

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    I'm interested in the legalities of dropshipping weapons. Just in case some of you are not aware of dropshipping, dropshipping is essentially a supply chain management technique in which the seller does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.*

    Now in this case I would just be advertising the goods through a site. I'll serve as the 'middleman'. I won't ever have to handle the goods.

    Now I'm based in the UK, I have a fully functioning site which lists any type of weapon for sale. I recieve cash for gun A from a customer, I transfer the customers details to my supplier who then ships the goods directly. I make my cut.

    How illegal would that be if it IS illegal?*

    Would I need to have a license If I live in UK even if I don't ever see or touch the weapons?

    How would one tip toe past all these supposedly 'strict' laws?

    Many thanks in advance
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    I imagine you'll first have to see what sort of licensing is required in the UK to engage in that sort of business, since that is where you are. From what I know of UK gun laws, I would not be optimistic.

    If your plan is to drop ship from US distributors to US customers, well, that's not how it works in the US; firearms cannot be shipped directly to the end customer. They must be shipped to a licensed dealer in the end customer's state. But that probably won't be a problem, because no distributor will deal with you unless you are a dealer licensed under US law anyway, which you cannot be.

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    yeah check your local regs first, talk to law enforcement, and an attorney.

    BTW you don't want to talk about degrees of legality here, you'll catch all kinds of grief for it.
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    Ah, get a job with the ATF?

    I'm given to understand if you needlessly cause the deaths of others,

    inflame neighboring countries gun problems, enable druglords, and

    entice others into felonious conspiracies and straw purchases, there's

    a fat promotion and raise in the works, also...