how to use the rear iron sight adjustment on the Mauser 98K

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    So i took my Mauser 98k to the range for the 1st time last weekend, shot well, but i was curious as how to use the adjustable rear sights on the Mauser, like what do the numbers stand for, and what is the purpose of adjusting?
    i took a picture of what i am talking about, im looking for advice on how to use the rear adjustable sight

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    The slider is moved forward to set the sight for longer ranges. Read from the front edge of the slider. Numbers are meters- 100, 200, 300, etc. Yes, there REALLY are sight setting in the thousands- but this was intended for volley fire (you and 30 or so friends) shooting at an area target (artillery gun crew). Reduces having to aim in the air way above your target. When you do that, target is obscured by the barrel. Adjust the sights, and you hold on the target.