how to start a shooting range?

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    So my girlfriends dad and I were talking this weekend. Told him I'd like to get a chance to shoot my new gun. Turns out there are no indoor shooting ranges close to where they live. Only a private outdoor range.

    So here are my questions

    Where can I find info on starting a indoor range

    What kind of licenses would be needed. I'm assuming you need to sell guns to make a profit as range time is cheap.

    Do personnel working there need trained

    What kind of structural modifications need to be made

    These may be useless questions but may also turn out to be something more
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    I don't have all the answers but I have been watching a new range take shape here in Jacksonville.

    Look up BASICS range and gun on Facebook. They posted a lot of pictures of the work being done.

    I would imagine licensing and permits are complex and will vary based on your locality.

  3. SSGN_Doc

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    The NRA actually has a department that can help in establishing ranges.

    It does help to have an FFL, and guns on premedis for sale and rent. Big overhead on indoor ranges is insurance and environmental(ventilation systems, lead collection and disposal.). The NRA can help with the basics if what legal coverage you need as well as membership requirements to limit liability. If you can keep your gun mark-up minimal, you should make better profit off if memberships, range fees, and ammo and target sales along with safety glasses and hearing protection rental.

    Good luck, its a tough business, and we need more ranges.
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    It is not cheap. The ventilation system just for the range will run you close to $350,000. And no my 0 button did not get stuck. Then there is the back stop and the list goes on. We looked at building one at the shop and a small guy just can't afford it.
  5. c3shooter

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    You have been given some good answers. Start with the NRA range section.

    Second, how much business experience have you had? You will need to incorporate, you will need liability insurance, and you will need at LEAST a business license. If you want to sell or repair firearms, a FFL. OTHER licenses or permits will depend of where you are. You will need business records, pay taxes, etc etc etc.

    Third, you will need a BIG chunk of cash. The backstop and ventilation systems will be significant capital expenditures.
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    You need to start with a few million dollar$$. After finding a Cement buuilding in a fielded area - industrial area. It would require thick steel walls and ceilings etc. Ventilation systems, Baffles, Steel panels for each lane divider cost a fortune as well.. You will be surprised at the expense it takes...bullet proofing materials cost a lot of money. And insurance up the ying yang.
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    you would be better off building a pole barn and modifing the wall if it was for just family and friends, otherwise hope you have alot of money.
  8. John_Deer

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    The first thing you need to do is have a friend on the board of commissioners or whoever handles zoning in your area. I have a private range. The hardest part of my range was getting my property zoned for a range.
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    We have a good indoor range nearby and love it. But I can't imagine the cost of getting one started. On top of all the other costs you'll definitely need liability insurance to the max. Sadly an idiot decided our range was a good place to commit suicide and nearly ruined it for all of us. They were closed down quite a while and we didn't know if they'd ever open again. Also, after Christmas I avoid the range, too many new gun owners trying out their brand new gun! Untrained people, unfamiliar with the new gun training even more untrained newbies - a scary time to be there!
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    The reason I went through the trouble of having a private range is a deputy can't just roll up and say "no more shooting" without a legal reason. When they started clearing the property next to mine for a subdivision I went to the board of commissioners to get my property zoned light commercial and a private range approved. Getting my range approved by the county has saved me a lot of grief.
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