How to spot a phony Seal poser....

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    It's already starting folks, the posers are coming out with the latest OBL events. I ran into one at the range just this morning. He asked me about my Cammenga AR mags and when I complemented him on his Seal trident hat, the conversation went into how he was a former Navy Seal. Well then, after talking about the OBL operation, I made a few referenced queries, and he started to look just a bit nervous and I could start to see the panic in his eyes. I asked for his BUDS graduation class number, he studdered, turned pale and just walked away with his AR and got in his truck and left. He left 200 rounds of 5.56 NATO ammo on the bench. I do thank you for the ammo there Jason. :cool:

    BTW, have I mentioned I hate posers...and video war game, educated experts. :mad:

    But again, that's just me.....

    Phony SEAL | Xtranormal

    Watch the video and enjoy.
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  2. Colossal Urprising

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    I agree man, good for you on calling him out.

    It really makes me mad with these posers. People like me wanted desperately to enlist and serve only to be rejected on medical reasons. I would never dishonor our military by posing like that. It makes me mad when others do it.

  3. doctherock

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    I effin hate posers.
  4. Gojubrian

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    Seriously!! :mad: :mad:

    Good for you Jack for calling him out and nice score on the ammo.

    Just be real people.

    My name is Brian S. I did 9yrs in the Arkansas National Guard C btry 2/142 Field artillery.
    I was deployed twice stateside to fill the role of a military police officer. Once at Ft.Sill, OK and once an Ft.Polk, LA

    Never have I been to war or such a thing. I am out on medical discharge since 2006 as an E5.....and I'm proud of it.
  5. Cory2

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    Never seen a poser my self... must be a not volunteer state thing. So many people who are currently serving or previously served that you run a real good chance of someone who would have served with you regardless of what you did. Hell, only 2 of my friends arent current/exmilitary. I would be right there with em if it wasnt for scoliosis. :( 88 asvab wasted because of a damn bone disorder
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    That is EPIC! Way to go Jack! ;) although I am sorry that the encounter actually occurred, it's great the way it turned out. :D
  7. orangello

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    I had lunch with a former SEAL and a mutual friend once; nice guy, but obviously not the most "normal" person in the room. He was the strangest close friend of one of the strangest guys i went to college with. He said he quit/left due to the long wait between missions. I got the idea that he wouldn've gladly done shooters of adrenaline on a bet. I would NOT want one of those guys to catch me wearing their hat. :eek:

    Lunch? It was sushi of course & no, i didn't make fun of that at the time. :rolleyes:

    If only you could've clapped your hands against your sides and made some seal barks as duder left.
  8. oli700

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    You have just experienced
  9. deathkricket

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    That guy gets the....But i want some free ammo to :(

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  10. c3shooter

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    I usually run into the "former Special Forces, but I was really an assasin for the CIA" types. Usually just tell them I never saw them at any of the meetings, or the potluck dinner. :rolleyes:

    But yes, the Seals are gonna be coming out of the woodwork. Gonna be so many members of Team 6 that I doubt that would all fit in Dam Neck VA.
  11. Gatekeeper

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    Way to go Sir![​IMG]
    In my head, I see the conversation ending like this:p

    "Your ammo may stay...but you"
  12. Car54

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    Kudo's to you Jack. It all ended well too. The jerk got spanked, and you were paid the spanking fee.
  13. willfully armed

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    We have a guy up here that claims his brother is special forces army, and can get him in, all he has to do is lose some weight. Oh, and he has no prior military experience.

    He's about 38 years old, 5'10" and 280 lbs.

    "All I gotta do is lose some weight "............
  14. m72law

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    awesome B.S. calling out on that poser Jack!

    congrats on your free ammo too:D

    whats next? Navy Green Sniper Seals:eek:
  15. dunerunner

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    Funny as hell, Jack!! I wish I could have seen the guys face when you asked for his graduating class number. I'll bet his eyes dropped faster than his jaw!

  16. bgeddes

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    Good call on the BUDS thing. I guarantee the guy would know his class number, instructor's names, dates and places or class events etc.

    There was something on the news that said there has only been ~2800 people that have graduated and been awarded the title of SEAL. That would mean they are few and far between, and probably know in an instant who is and isn't.
  17. hydrashok

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    Cool! A Face-To-Face poser! I remember we had one or two pop up here on the forum a couple of years ago, but I don't run in to them face-to-face that often, anymore...

    I ran into a BUNCH of them who were contractors in Iraq... it seems every old civilian I came in contact with was a former green beret special forces vietnam sniper that top secret 201 files and such...

    It's cool you got the free ammo... dude shoulda known it takes more than buying a budweiser hat to be a SEAL.

    FUNNY (and true) STORY: Last time I was in Iraq, we had a group of SEALs stationed on our FOB. They had their own little compound, but we'd occasionally see them out and about.

    I was at the finance office smoking and joking outside with one of the Army finance sergeants when a SEAL captain and lieutenant drove up... he said, "here comes a colonel and a captain," and I told him, "no, that's a captain and lieutenant."

    The sergeant didn't believe me. When the SEALs got out of their truck and started to walk in, I stopped them and explained how the sergeant didn't believe me when I told him their ranks. I asked the captain to tell the sergeant his rank, and he replied, "I'm a Navy colonel."
  18. canebrake

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    Never saw any SEALs during my "B" school at Dam Neck. Just those damn fly-boys from Oceana NAS rattling the barracks windows with their Mach exit to feet wet .
  19. armoredman

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    Hydrashok, with some of the smart arsed officers I knew when wearing sailor blue, yep!
    I met a poser online recently claiming to be a Naval officer and a DI at a Navy training base...except there is no such thing. Navy instructors are called company commanders.
    They are everywhere. There is a website out there for debunking SEAL posers and such, and real SEALS don't like posers. I met one once. Reminded me of the Robin Williams joke, "Seems normal, but the eyes go 'Helter Skelter!'". We had a bunch of EOD on board in the Gulf, they were nuts enough for me. :)
  20. hydrashok

    hydrashok New Member

    The SEALs I met didn't really seem to give a crap. They were VERY laid back. Army Rangers, on the other hand...

    My encounter with the captain and lieutenant in Iraq was the only time I talked to them there... saw 'em all the time, but I know they are kinda like cops... wanna hang with their own.

    I did, however, get to be OPFOR for a squad or platoon or however-the-hell they're organized from "Team 6" at Ft. Hood several years ago. Their fire team against our company. We absolutely slaughtered the first fire team.

    We conducted a quick AAR, then went at it again...

    The second fire team killed us all before we knew we were dead! It was amazing to watch!!! Synchronized manhole covers popping up, them guys coming out fast and strong, and us standing there with our mouth open, dead, and not believing what we just saw!

    But they gave us some classes in exchange for letting them kill us :) They were hella laid back. The only thing I begrudged them for was 1) they got to wear civies, and 2) they had some really neat toys! I mean, really! How's a bunch of dudes wearing jeans and sneakers gonna beat us soldiers wearing combat uniforms! :D