How to get the stubborn pin out of rod on SKS?

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    OK, i will try to add some pics tonight, but i am still having heck adding TechSites peep sites to my SKS. The difficult part is getting a pressed-in pin out of the rod that secures the receiver cover. I have tapped and tapped and cursed and tapped with taps and similar objects while the lil rod is supported on a flattish little box end wrench to give the pin room to move out.

    I don't want to just dremel-cut the pin off; i may switch back later.

    So, do i drill out the pin now or what? Is there some tool that i am not aware of?

    edit* part 19 is the handle attached to the rod with the stubborn pin. This one doesn't show the annoying pin.
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    If your SKS is like my 2 you can't tap it out. The little pin is in a blind hole in the take down lever rod. The hole does not go all the way through.

    Almost every post I've read about people putting Tech Sights on mentioned cutting the take down lever. Evidently there are some makes of SKS that the hole goes all the way through and the pin can be driven out.

    Numrich has them in their catalog (with the pin), sold out as I write this...

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    Cut it off or grind it off, or you might be able to pull it out with a small pair of vice grips. That retaining pin is most likely pressed into a blind hole (doesn't go all the way through).

    Once it's out of the gun, THEN you can drill it out and replace it with another pin if you like.

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