How to get Protection Permit in NY/NYC?

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    Does anybody have advice on the best way to get a personal protection carry permit in NY? And extended to NYC if possible?

    A few scenarios that might help me....
    My father is a police officer. Although he cannot vouch for me as a character witness, he has arrested people in the past. I'd like protection from any of those people that have been released from prison and are seeking revenge against him or his family.

    or ... would it help if i had ever been mugged?

    Do they grant permits to mugging victims? or do they try not to, since you might be a little TOO scared and trigger happy?

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    Do You Mean The Republic Of New York City? Not A Chance. Only The Police, Celebrities, And Criminals Have Guns. You're Not Considered Trust Worthy. As For The Rest Of The State, It Varies From County To County So You Must Contact Your Local Police Dept. My Wife Applied For The Same Reasons And Was Given A Sporting License In Our County. She Carries A Kimber Guardian Angel For Protection Instead. Also Try Taking A Self Defense Course Such As The Nra's "refuse To Be A Victim". Knowledge Equals Power.


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    Nyc Pistol Carry Permit

    I think the only way you can get one is if you marry one of Mayor Bloomberg's daughters & even then you have as much chance as Bernie Geotz or the Son of Sam of getting any kind of carry permit in The Rotten Apple so just FORGETABOUTIT :eek:
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    In NYC, you really have only a few choices if you are not "well connected" and wish to carry for self defense.

    1. Move to a state you can carry (PA, VT, VA, ect)
    2. Organize and cause enough stink with enough people that the laws are changed
    3. Carry anyway (not my reccomendation)
    4. Give up, be a victim.

    Personally, I would do option 2 until I could afford option 1.
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    NYC you can forget about getting one. It is nearly impossible. As a LEO from Long Island you cant carry leagally within city limits. What does that tell you?
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    Get the hell out of Dodge!
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    Federal law trumps that local law. A licensed Peace officer from anywhere in the US can now legally carry in NYC.
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    How does that work, exactly? Police Officers are exempt from section 265 and 400 of the penal law. Even before 218, any cop in NYS could carry in NYC without a problem. When retired, the county permit IS good in NYC...actually the only time it is honored without "validation".
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    I was under the understanding that if one could prove that they have received threats on their life or attempts had already been made on their life that they could get a permit in NYC.

    Have I been misinformed?
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    Not necessarily. That would be up to the police commissioner. There are millions of people in the city, thousands who have been threatened.

    If you do not know a big-shot politic, and have no big fame, you are just wasting 6 months and $300 bucks.

    Instead of funding the state, why not just move? - it's expensive to live in that god damn state anyway.

    Carry permit or not, you still have to get your gun inspected in person at the PD. Not a good experience. 2nd amendment bash indeed.

    Penn state is not to far away and it is by far one of the most gun friendliest states in the nation. One of the most of course. Just don't get this mixed up.

    Some people freak out when they see a man carrying guns! Because this world is s*** and we gun owners have to deal with that.

    New York City ain't changing, as long as Bloomberg carries his 18bil I don't see it changing at all. There are way to many uneducated people when it comes to firearms.

    Everyone just moves out eventually.

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