How to get a fast response from 911

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by MobileMarine, Oct 29, 2011.

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    is that real?! what municipality is going to respond with "sorry about your ongoing burglary...but we don't have any units available right now" ??

    if this really happened, I'd suspect that a police chief/county sheriff is going to lose the next election!

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    That's probably not real... but there is a sheriff out in the western states that has made it clear that with the budget cuts, they frequently will have only one person on duty to cover the entire county. In an interview with a newspaper basically told people they need to prepare. I read both the newspapers interview and his own site, unfortunately can't find the link right now :(
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    Thats funny, my only question is would they try to charge you for falsefying info on a 911 call?
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    'Officer Down'

    I recall the response in NYC 20 years ago was pretty good for real emergencies.

    However if you needed a lot of cops, with guns, fast, what you said was, 'Officer Down'. This was the phrase that 911 sent over the air when an EMT was having a stupid problem with someone. The EMT said he never saw so many guns in his life.

    BIG sense of family among the NYC uniformed, if not exactly brotherhood.
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    Real or Not

    ...that one gave me a good laugh.:D
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    Good ol WFPD , I found a pocket book one night in the middle of the street , all was the but for the cards and cash , 1/8th mile away was Mr homie walking fast. I picked it up , call it in and the response I got was '' we dont have anyone to respond ''. Me ; ok ill leave it with the clerk at your favorite gas station hang out .
    Im not picking there are some good ol boys over there but damn ,I never expected that kind of response before .
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    We have had that sort of crap going on here for some time. Several years ago I called 911 because a guy was physically threatening me as I was doing some work on my property. Nobody ever showed up as a result of the 911 call.:mad: These days it is much worse. I don't think I would tell the 911 operator that I shot anybody, but I might tell them that if they don't show up pretty damned soon somebody is going to get shot.