How to find the value of a 1968 S&W .357

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by Fat B, May 7, 2009.

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    My father, who is a minister, was making a house call on an elderly lady who decided she didn't want her deceased husband's gun in the house anymore so she gave it to my father. The gun was purchased in 1968 and received in 1969. The woman didn't know if he husband had even shot the gun and unfortunately he died in 1969. My father, who is forever honest and an avid shooter, decided to lay any notion to rest that the gun was never shot by putting 12 rounds through it. Why, I am not too sure.

    It is an absolutely gorgeous gun complete with factory bluing. My question is, since neither of us have dealt with an sort of collectors guns other than what we see at the occasional gun store, does anyone have a direction to point us in to find out the value and can you tell me if this gun is worth any more than the ordinary value of a .357, maybe more to a collector. And any good locations to post for sale? Here are the specifics of the gun.

    Smith & Wesson, .357 Combat Magnum Model 19, Factory Blue finish, 2 1/2" barrel, round butt. Original box including owner's half of warranty card, instruction on use and maintenance, 1968 letter to original owner from the factory apologizing that delivery took so long but they are really busy. The original wax paper wrap is even there, but no tools. Fired only a handful of times. Ser. No. K7926XX.

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. robocop10mm

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    I took the liberty of editing your post with two X's over the last two characters of the serial number. A nearly new M-19 from that era should bring about $3-500, depending on your locale.

  3. Fat B

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    Thanks for the reply. Also, thanks for x'ing out part of the serial number. I had no idea that was private information.

  4. WDB

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    I think Robo gave you a good price range and considering condition expressed and the orginal papers and box you should look to the high end. You can take it to a local gun shop (they won't give you reatial value butr a quick way to sell the pistol, some will consign it and you will do better that way), take it to a local gun show, list it in a paper (if they accept firearm adds) or you can list it on a site like There would be transfer fees involved if you sell it online.
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    You have come across a GREAT 357. I have one with a 6" barrel and while I don't shoot it a whole lot every time I get it out I'm reminded why I hang on to it. Mine is about 98% so I baby it. It's my wife's favorite gun so when I do get it out she makes sure to come along.
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    Model 19

    Go to guns of america .com and guns international .com and scroll down and see if you can buy one for 500 bucks in the exellent condition you desribe.You may find a 19-5 which has the pressed barrel and no recessed cylinders for 500.But yours is a older version and worth more I would look for more like 650 for it.
    Open the cylinder and look above the hinge of the crane and it will say model 19 and the dash number.
  7. Bill of Ojai

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    Easy $650 in that condition in California.
  8. M14sRock

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    And the box from 1969 will bring big bucks on it's own.

    For comparison, a new Mod 10 with MIM parts is now selling for $695. The 1969 vintage Mod 19 is way more desirable.
  9. UnderFire

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    Dude, you have a real gem there.
    You need to talk to someone that deals with vintage/antique firearms.
    If that .357 is all that you say it is...with box and original papers....
    talk to these people: N.FLAYDERMAN&CO.,INC.
    their not much on answering e~mails, go to the website, get their number
    and call them. You might be surprised at what it's worth.
  10. General_lee

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    You can go to walmart and buy a Gun Traders Guide, about 2" thick with value listings for all kinds of handguns, rifles, and shotguns
  11. trex1310

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    Save that wax paper it is very valuable. If that m19 is all you say it is,
    I would venture to guess the value (with box and papers) would be in
    the $700-$800 range these days. The barrel length is also highly
    desirable. Good luck on selling it. If it were me I'd keep it. They're
    only going to go up in value.