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How to find ammo!

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Not sure if you guys saw this video yet but I wanted to see what stores by my house had ammo and there was a walmart with .22 bulk packs like 10 miles from my house.
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That is great info...
Unfortunately, "out of stock" is all I see. We Texans don't mind driving so I expanded the searches to include an hour drive for me.
As you have to search by box, I did not run through all the calibers, but .308, .22' and .9 were non existent. But I now know how to determine...
The best clue,IMO, is the time date stamp that shows when it was confirmed... That is the "money shot".
Thanks again for sharing, it has changed my approach!
Also if you are looking online, I have had good luck with gunbot and
I have found some deals with the ammo search engines, but they don't last very long. I have had my best luck by word of mouth. Lately someone has a stash of ammo they are willing to part with at a pre panic price. When I hear about ammo by word of mouth the supply is good for a month or so. I would say that is an indicator that suppliers are starting to deliver more than a few boxes at a time. Most of the time the ammo source is a kitchen table FFL.
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