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Where are you hitting? I dont know what pic you are referring to but would like to see it also. I personally was hitting wide groups, always left and slightly low with ALL of my pistols in various calibers and although its taken 2 years or so Im still correcting it but doing MUCH better. Now they are much tighter, approx 2-3" groups from 7 yards and 8" from 20 yards (with a few preliminary fliers).

I did this by correcting the following areas:

I use a hybrid stance between the Weaver & Isoscoles. Leaning slightly forward, not terribly exaggerated, dominant leg (right leg) slightly backward, both elbows slightly bent to absorb recoil. Push the gun outward from the chest when you are ready to acquire your target.

High choke. Right hand completely wrapped around the grip with most of the pressure in the middle and ring finger. Keep pressure OFF the pinky. Left support hand wraps completely around the right hand with both thumbs forward....the slide is in perfect straight alignment with the forearm

Trigger finger:
This one I used to do completely wrong. I used to jam my entire finger as far as the whole second digit into the trigger guard hanging off the trigger. You should have only the first pad of your trigger finger barely past the trigger width so that you arent engaging your entire hand when squeezing the trigger.

Breath control/mental focus:
To help you mentally block recoil anticipation....try to apply an even pressure squeeze on the trigger as you exhale. Let the break surprise you. That was the single best advice anyone ever gave me! It helps keep that front sight on your target without tightening up in anticipation. With time and practice you will learn to block out your discharge and the gun blasts going off around you at the range.

Sight alignment:
This one also took some time to get down. I am still trying to master this. Obviously make sure your sight picture is perfectly horizontal and line it up evenly. Then, focus your eyes one last time on the bullseye. Lastly, focus entirely on the keeping the front sight still as you apply trigger pressure before the final discharge. DONT LOOK AT YOUR PAPER HOLES AFTER EACH SHOT!

Hope that helps man...those things improved my accuracy at LEAST by 50% and constantly getting better each year. Next for me is doing SD drills under stress.

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Here is a link that may also help:

Also, there is one mistake that beginners normally make. Watch the trigger finger when the shot breaks. The normal reaction is to immediately release the trigger.
That is not doing a good "follow-through"
Your trigger finger should continue to pull the trigger even after the shot breaks. One thing that helps is not to release the trigger until after the firearm settles down.

To see how it affects the POI, do your dry fire routine. Snap your finger away from the trigger after the hammer falls, and watch the front sight move.

Get a movie camera and take pictures/videos of you shooting.
You will see your stance, hold, and the steps of shooting as you go through them.

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