How to change Trade Name on my FFL

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    OK, so I tried the search option to see if this topic was posted here before but it kept telling me my search terms were too common and gave me results that were not relevant so here I am...

    I need to know how to change my trade name on my FFL? What form do I use or do I just send them a letter. I am NOT and LLC, and the license is under my name. I just want to change the Trade Name listed. Turns out the name I chose was already being used and the County failed to notify me until just after I got my FFL. I can still use it since I am not an LLC but don't want to get into any sort of battle over rights or anything.

    Can anyone help me? I looked at the Application for an Amended Federal Firearms License but it says the purpose is to change the address...I am not moving, just changing the trade name. I called the ATF and they told me to fill out the above form but could not tell me how since it does not have anyplace for the new business name.

    Please Help! Thanks so much.

    BTW - This forum is Awesome. Just found it today so I am new here. Sorry for the long post.
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    Section 13.2 Change in trade name
    13.2.1 GCA requirements. GCA regulations provide that an FFL is not required to obtain a new
    license by reason of a mere change in trade name, provided the license is sent for endorsement of the
    change to the Chief, Federal Firearms Licensing Center within 30 days from the date the business starts
    using the new name.203