How to buy military surplus rifle from AIM Surplus?

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    How do I buy rifle from AIM Surplus?

    Hi, I intend to buy a military surplus rifle from AIM but they indicates " FFL Dealers/ 03 collectors sale only". They require a copy of FFL license and photo ID to be faxed to them before placing the order.

    I want to buy a rifle and have it shipped to a FFL dealer in CT and pick up from them. How do I proceed? Do I have to ask the FFL dealer to buy/pay onbehalf of me and then he transfers the rifle to me later on? This is more complicated than buying by myself and have it shipped to the FFL dealer.

    What's your experience with purchasing from AIM?

    Thanks for sharing.


    Originally Posted by jpattersonnh
    Most Post war Czech 98's were sold to Isreal and rechambered to 7.62x51. The Czech Factories that produced K98's under German occupation were sent off to fight the Allies and are German 98's as they are stamped dou and dot. You can check Auction arms and Gun broker. You will find Vz24's that are German marked, but they do have a strait bolt. Vz24's were also imported to many South American countries in 7x57 and 8x57.

    BTW, when this thread started AIM still had Vz24's for a great price, they are sold out now.

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    Get your own 03FFL (Collectors License) then order from them directly yourself. Cost is $30 for the 3 year license.

    You can obtain an application [[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] F 7CR (5310.16) - Application for License (Collector of Curios and Relics) Under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, Firearms]
    [/FONT]here: Distribution Center Order Form

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    AIM Surplus

    I purchased a barreled garand receiver,,barrel was new springfield,came with a bolt, rear sight assembly,looked like new green Parkerized, 375.00 felt it was a good deal !!!! good people in my experience:)
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    You have a copy of the FFl sent, faxed or emailed to Aim then order and pay for the gun. It will ship to the dealer and you pick it up there where you will pay their fee and do a 4473.
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    Generally you'll pay AIM and you'll contact an FFL/dealer in your area to receive the firearm. The dealer will fax a copy of their FFL to AIM and AIM will ship the rifle to the dealer. You pick up the rifle from the dealer and they'll have you fill out the form 4473 and call it in. The charge for this is usually $20-$50 although in some places they'll try to charge you a lot more. Go to Guns - Online Gun Auction - Guns for Sale at and search for FFL's in your area and you should find a list of dealers along with what they'll charge you for the service.

    I've bought several guns from AIM and I'm an FFL and have received several from AIM and they have all been as advertised and shipped in a reasonable amount of time.