How the release of trace info on firearms could put police officers at risk

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    This was on the NRA-ILA information. This is not just police; but, private citizens as well. The anti-gunners are digging! :mad:

    How the release of trace info on firearms could put police officers at risk | Commentary | Minnesota Public Radio News

    It is amazing what people will say when they want to make money off the violation of Americans' privacy. In a report on Minnesota Public Radio by Brandt Williams, a source named Joe Vince was quoted as saying: "Tiahrt is, in simple terms, nuts." Vince, a retired ATF agent, is a partner in a consulting firm called Crime Gun Solutions, based in Frederick, Md. Apparently he wants the records of every private citizen who owns a firearm so he can use it to make money for his consulting company. Perhaps he chose the wrong line of work.
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    BATF&E gun trace data is a very mis-understood function. Unless you live in a slave state where there is gun registration, there is no way the ATF traces by themselves, can find anyone.

    As a member of our county Major Crime Team, one of my duties from time-to-time during murder, or other major crime investigations, was to conduct ATF traces. By faxing an ATF questionnaire to the Firearms Trace Center, investigators are given only some information regarding the gun. Included is; where it was manufactured, when it was manufactured or imported, which distributor it was delivered to, and which retail outlet it was shipped to for sale. Period.

    After that, it is up to the investigator to conduct old-fashioned police work, by visiting the FFL retailer and examine their 4473 books. From there, you know who initially purchased the firearm. Next the investigator finds the buyer, or tries to, if they are still alive and living at the same address they listed, to see if they still own the gun. More often than not, they don't. It was either stolen, or sold. There the trail goes cold.

    Gun trace information is a red herring used by the anti-freedom, Brady Bunch. It is one of the so-called "reasonable gun safety regulations" so beloved by the leftists.

    "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
    It is the argument of tyrants; It is the creed of slaves."
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