how should I improve a FNH A5M

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by redraider, Feb 15, 2012.

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    I have a new FNH A5M I was wondering what after market things I need to do to make it more accurate?(I'll be sending it to G.A. Precision to have a new trigger installed) I'm not real interested in a barrel as I've heard good things about FNH.(unless thats hogwash)

    Bartlein barrel blank up to 26" finish length: 315.00 ($10.00/inch over 26)

    Labor to chamber and crown barrel, True bolt and action face, lap in bolt lug, true both sides of recoil lug, blueprint action and install barrel: 350.00

    Cerakote finish on barrel, action, bottom metal and scope base: 265.00

    Bedding with aluminum pillars and Marinetex: 235.00
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    Things to do ... Buy a decent scope and rings. Why take a new rifle that should or could shoot well as is and start changeing things on it. Have you take'n time to see what in can do now. Follow a good barrel break in. The trigger can be chnage at home by you with needed. It should have a adjustable 2 stage trigger now in it. learn how to adjust it. After seeing what you think you need to do you should have just started with some old better model 70 winny action and had on built. That is all the FNH action is ,a model 70 winchester action. Or just bought a real semi=custom rifle after all the bucks you will have in it. You have 1175 dollars in maybe's listed plus the cost of the rifle.. Buy your self some reloading equipment and see what the one you have as it is will do at the range first. FNH says it is a 1"MOA see what it will do with reloads or quality match grade ammo first.