How safe is it for your hearing to carry a .357?

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    I was chit-chatting with a salesman at a gunshow a while back, and he was telling me about carrying a .357 magnum. He says if you fire one out of a short barrel, it'll shatter your eardrums. I've never owned a .357 magnum, so I don't know if this is reliable information, so I'm not taking it to heart. I wanted to know; What length of a barrel do you prefer on a .357 magnum, and why?
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    Good question and honestly I don't have an answer. If you were inside a structure, ie a house, possibly. Out in the open, doubt it. Are your ears gonna hurt afterwards, yep.

    I was hunting last fall and forgot ear protection. Fired my 270 with a muzzle break 3 times in a short span of time from a nook in a cliff face. Couldn't hear right for the next week, but didn't bust a drum.

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  3. purehavoc

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    I call BS on that unless your on the intruder end of the barrel . I pulled a D/A attack a few weeks ago . I was very focused that day because it was very windy . Got set back up after my 4th or 5th go around again , got squared up took aim and squeezed the trigger. I had forgotten my hearing protection . Let me tell you you only do that once on a .308 with a muzzle brake . My ears had a odd pulsing sound for about 4 hours . I had a what I thought was a ear infection the next day in one ear . Guarantee the .357 isnt that loud but every persons hearing is different so it could but its highly unlikely from the shooters position .
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    Did that with a 5.56 AR 16 inch barrel. Had the standard A2 style flash suppressor on it. We were basically a small pole barn with a tin roof. Maybe 8X10. The .22lr was not bad without hearing protection. Forgot after making an adjustment on the AR, did that only once. If it was not for that tin roof it may not have been so bad. Had extra ringing for only about 30 minutes but it was enough to make you remember.
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    Is it good for your hearing? Hell no! But is one (or a few) shots going to "shatter" your eardrums? No. The 357 Mag has been around for 79 years now. It has been fired by a lot of folks (self included) with no hearing protection. Without causing instant deafness.

    I PREFER a 6 inch barrel- a snubby just does not use the energy available in that round.
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    Plus if it saved your life who cares if you can hear anymore you're alive
  7. Axxe55

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    a 357 is loud. make no mistake about that. yes i have shot them in the past without hearing protection. nope, no shattered eardrums as of yet.

    the more confined the space, the louder the shot will be percieved to be.

    shot a large water moccason a few years ago with a ported 44 Magnum. now that one is much louder than my 357 Magnum, by a longshot!

    as a general rule, anything ported or that has a muzzle brake is usually louder than the same gun without.
  8. DrFootball

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    I keep soft foam plugs or tissue close by in case I have to shoot (if i have the time to use it!!) my 9(LC9) or my 2" 38(Colt Cobra) or 3" 357(Colt King Cobra)....I already have a minor loss in my Left Ear do to a Range Accident In the reserves with a Jackwagon who was mis-handling the Rifle(M-16A1C Range Semi-Auto for target quals. Ft. Drum had about 120 of these for Training & Qualifying with...

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    I fired my .44mag without hearing protection by mistake, once. That was enough, never did it again! My ears rang for a couple of hours but no shattered ear drums. Sounds like an urban legend.
  10. Easy_CZ

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    If you have to use your .357 in an SD/home invasion situation, you won't even hear the report.

    You may suffer some hearing loss, but you'll live. Hopefully, the BG won't.

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  11. therukh

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    I believe the only way you would shatter an eardrum would be to fire a .357 Mag right next to your ear and it doesn't matter the barrel length. You will, however, damage your hearing with each shot when not wearing hearing protection no matter where you shoot one. I damaged mine when I was young & dumb and am suffering the consequences now (old & dumb) and I shot out in an open field. It has taken years for the damage to manifest itself, but it is there nonetheless. I had a friend who shattered his eardrum from shooting one in a car, but he only had one window open and had loaded his ammo to max. He shot while the entire gun, including the barrel, was in the car. As far as carrying a .357, I don't, but how many times are you realistically going to shoot it in your lifetime for SD? I have had 4" and 6" .357's and used them for hunting but I had a S&W Model 66 with a 3" for SD (3" had a full-length extractor rod & the 2.5" didn't). Sadly, I got rid of the gun in a trade years ago but would not hesitate to carry it if I had it today.
  12. John_Deer

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    In a life or death situation, you will not hear the gun go off. Most deer rifles make the 357mag seem pretty tame. No one notices recoil or report when shooting at a deer. Shooting a deer is a mild adrenaline rush compared to a life and death situation.

    When adrenaline kicks in it shuts down the nerve receptors that cause pain. This nervous system shutdown protects your hearing.
  13. phildenton

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    It wont shatter your eardrum, fire with the cylinder gap next to your ear then it may or may not cause a rupture in the ear drum. My preference is 4", it is the general purpose length: minimum legal length for hunting (wa), still concealable, and more than enough power for just about any task I may need to call upon.
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